Lattafa Velvet Rose Eau de Parfum – Captivating Floral Scent for Men and Women



Transport yourself to a rose garden in full bloom with Lattafa’s Velvet Rose eau de parfum. This unisex fragrance evokes the velvety softness of rose petals with a lingering sweetness that captivates the senses.

An Elegant Floral Bouquet

Velvet Rose opens with a burst of sweet, dewy roses that conjures up images of fresh cut flowers. Lush and full, these roses bloom with vibrancy, their petals releasing a delicate perfume into the air.

Nestled within the roses are hints of earthy patchouli, adding complexity and depth to the floral notes. The patchouli grounds the fragrance, enhancing the natural beauty of the rose.

As Velvet Rose evolves, touches of resinous labdanum emerge, lending a subtle leatheriness. This rich, honey-like scent intertwines with the rose and patchouli, creating an intriguing floral accord.

Finally, sensual musk and warm amber are revealed in the base notes. These creamy, skin-like scents amplify the sillage of Velvet Rose, allowing its petals to unfurl with lingering sensuality.

Unisex Sophistication

While Velvet Rose leads with feminine floral notes, its complex blend makes it perfectly unisex. Both fresh and musky nuances give this eau de parfum multi-dimensional appeal.

The rose has historically signifyed love and beauty in perfumery. Velvet Rose modernizes the symbolism of this bloom, translating its grace into a contemporary yet timeless scent.

Like velvet to the touch, this fragrance is smooth and rich. It carries a refinement that conveys poise and subtle sensuality.

When to Wear

Velvet Rose is a stunning daytime scent, ideal for office or day dates when you want to feel quietly elegant. The floral notes create an aura of approachability and charm.

As the amber and musk notes warm on skin, Velvet Rose also shines for evening affairs. It has enough mystique and allure to make it the perfect signature scent for special occasions.

This versatility makes Velvet Rose an ideal staple fragrance suitable for everyday luxury. Keep a bottle on your vanity to scent yourself throughout the week.

Fragrance Notes

Top notes:

Sweet rose
Earthy patchouli
Middle notes:

Resinous labdanum
Skin-like musk
Base notes:

Creamy musk
Warm amber
Perfume Highlights

Captivating floral rose scent
Sophisticated yet approachable
Subtly sexy musk and amber base
Perfect day to night signature scent
Unisex aroma ideal for men and women
Long lasting fragrance for all occasions
How to Apply

To enjoy the full evolution of notes in Velvet Rose, apply to pulse points on the wrists, neck, and décolletage.

The warmth of skin activates each facet of this complex scent. Apply in the morning to carry the fresh rose notes with you. Reapply later in the day as a finishing touch for evenings out.

Lightly spritz from a distance of 6-10 inches. Too much application can overwhelm the delicate nuances. Let the velvety softness of the rose seduce subtly.

A Note on Animal Testing

Lattafa is cruelty free and does not test on animals. Feel good about spritzing on this ethically made fragrance.

Shop with Confidence

We hope you love Velvet Rose and the sensuality of rich roses it brings. With proper care and storage, this eau de parfum will retain its scent for years to come.

If you’re not completely satisfied, you’re covered by our 100% money-back guarantee. We want you to have a rewarding experience with every Lattafa fragrance.

Bring the blossoming beauty of a rose garden into your life every day with Lattafa Velvet Rose. This floral fragrance bottles the velvety romance of rose petals to give you a memorable, captivating scent.


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