Lattafa Yara for Women – Tantalizing Tangerine & Orchid Eau de Parfum Spray, 100 ml



Discover the alluring fragrances of the Middle East with Lattafa Yara for Women Eau de Parfum. This exotic fragrance opens with vivacious notes of juicy tangerine and refreshing heliotrope, accented by the delicate purple hues of orchid. As the heart notes bloom, tropical fruits mingle with gourmand nuances to create a syrupy sweet sensation. Finally, base notes of sensual vanilla and sandalwood fuse with the warmth of amber and musk to leave a seductive trail.

Inspired by the magical city of Dubai, Lattafa Yara captures the vibrant essence of this cosmopolitan crossroads. Much like Dubai itself, Yara is a harmonious blend of ingredients from around the globe. The top notes exhibit the succulent citrus of the Mediterranean, while the heart notes reveal the lush fruits of the tropics. This perfume brings together elements from East and West for an experience that intrigues the senses.

An Alluring Fragrance from the Exotic Lattafa Perfume House

Lattafa Perfumes is a prestigious fragrance house located in the United Arab Emirates. They create unique perfumes inspired by the rich cultural heritage of the Middle East. While many Western fragrances spotlight just one or two prominent notes, Lattafa fragrances are carefully composed with many layers to tell an olfactory story.

Yara utilizes quality ingredients sourced from around the world to create an unforgettable oriental scent. The mysterious allure of this eau de parfum makes it perfect for romantic evenings out or special occasions. Just a few spritzes will leave you feeling confident, elegant, and ready for adventure.

Tantalizing Top Notes

The top notes of Lattafa Yara offer an exhilarating start to this olfactory experience. As soon as you spray Yara on your pulse points, you’ll detect the tart sweetness of tangerines. This sun-ripened citrus immediately brightens the blend with vivid energy. Heliotrope adds a cherry-almond nuance, while orchid provides a delicate floral overture.

Lush Tropical Heart Notes

In the heart of this fragrance, tropical fruits mingle with gourmand notes to create mouthwatering magic. The succulent flesh of mangoes and pineapples blends seamlessly with creamy coconut and honeyed dates. Hints of rosewater and jasmine add floral luminosity. These notes bloom on the skin, transporting you to an exotic oasis filled with ripe, delectable fruits and fragrant blossoms.

Warm, Sensual Base Notes

As Yara begins to dry down, the base notes unfold to leave a trail of oriental mystique. Natural vanilla absolute from Madagascar adds a rich, velvety texture, while Indonesian sandalwood contributes a creamy woodsy note. The subtle spice of amber combines with earthy undertones of musk. These final notes create an addictive warmth that lingers long after application.

Radiate Confidence with Lattafa Yara

Lattafa Yara was made for feminine, daring women who want to command attention. The alluring charm of Yara will make you feel poised and self-assured. Spray it on before a big presentation to radiate confidence and calm nerves. Or wear it on an exciting night out dancing to get in an adventurous mood. The gorgeous projection and longevity of this fragrance ensure that you’ll leave a lasting impression wherever you go.

How to Apply this Seductive Scent

To enjoy the complex layers of Lattafa Yara, apply it strategically to pulse points. Start by spraying it on your wrists and dabbing them together to activate the top notes. Mist it over your décolletage to allow the floral heart notes to bloom. Finish with a spritz on the side of your neck, where your body heat will slowly reveal the base notes. We recommend three or four sprays for well-rounded projection that lasts 8 to 10 hours.

Beautiful Bottle Design

The striking bottle design reflects the refined aesthetics of the Lattafa brand. Yara comes in a gracefully curved bottle with a sleek black cap. The front displays the name in stylish silver script, while the back showcases the unmistakable Lattafa logo. With its upscale yet minimalist look, this bottle will elevate your vanity as you spray on this magical elixir.

Take Home the Magic of the Middle East

For women seeking a mysterious oriental scent, Lattafa Yara is a treasure. This nuanced eau de parfum encapsulates the sights and sounds of an exotic bazaar, bottled into perfume. Notes sourced from around the globe come together in olfactory harmony. Spray on this distinctive fragrance to enchant those around you. Let Lattafa Yara transport you to a world of vibrancy, luxury, and intrigue.


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