Lava Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner Bars, Twin Pack – Tough on Grease and Grime Yet Gentle on Skin



Get your hands squeaky clean with the Lava Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner Bars Twin Pack. Formulated with natural pumice, this hardworking hand soap powers through the toughest grease, grime, ink, paint, adhesives and more while being gentle on skin.

Trust the cleaning power of Lava, America’s #1 heavy duty hand cleaner for over 125 years. Each 5.75 oz bar is infused with moisturizers to leave your hands feeling soft and smooth, not cracked and dry. No need for harsh chemicals or abrasives that strip away natural oils. Lava’s pumice formula does the dirty work for you.

Lava is a must-have for auto mechanics, construction workers, plumbers, painters, DIYers and anyone with hands that handle tough messes. The mild scrubbing beads blast through grime while the creamy lather rinses clean. Your hands will look and feel revived.

Key Features:

  • Twin pack of 5.75 oz Lava bar soaps. Stock up on this hand cleaning essential.
  • Made with pumice – a natural volcanic rock that acts as a gentle abrasive to lift deep-set grease and grime.
  • Fortified with moisturizers to prevent dryness and keep hands smooth.
  • Does not contain harsh detergents or chemicals that strip natural oils.
  • Trusted Lava brand. #1 heavy duty hand cleaner preferred by professionals.
  • Cleans without irritating skin. Rinses cleanly without residue.

Why Choose Lava Bar Soap?

Lava’s pumice formula has made it the go-to hand cleaner for over 125 years. Pumice is a natural abrasive that effectively rubs away stuck-on messes without irritating skin. Tiny scrubbing granules loosen grime from pores and crevices. No need for gritty corn cob meal or walnut shells that can be overly abrasive.

The creamy lather penetrates and lifts grease and oils from hands. A quick rinse removes all traces of dirt. Lava’s balanced formula with skin conditioners ensures hands are not stripped of natural moisture. No more chapping or cracking.

Lava is the convenient and portable hand cleaning solution for auto shops, construction jobs, farming, auto repairs, plumbing, painting, bicycle maintenance, clean up after arts and crafts, and more. The individually wrapped bars are ideal to stash in a locker, toolbox, glove compartment or backpack. Clean hands on the go.

How to Use:

Wet hands with warm water. For heavier dirt, work up a thick, creamy lather in your palms before applying to hands.
Rub bar over all surfaces of hands, focusing on fingernails, knuckles, and creases for 30 seconds up to 2 minutes for tough grime.
Add more water and massage hands together to release embedded grease and oils. The pumice will provide gentle exfoliation.
Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear. Dry hands. No gritty residue left behind.
For added moisture, apply lotion or cream after rinsing. Avoid harsh detergent-based soaps that will dry out skin.
Lava bars are intended for hand cleaning only. Not suitable as a body bar or for face washing. Store in a dry place between uses.

Take Your Hands from Grime to Shine

Don’t settle for surface clean when you can get down and dirty clean with Lava. No job is too messy for Lava’s hardworking formula. Get a grip on grease, lube, tar, ink, adhesives, soil and more while actually improving skin texture and moisture levels. Ditch harsh cleaners and say hello to healthy, happy hands.

Order the Lava Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner Bars Twin Pack today and take on tough messes with ease. Your hands will thank you.


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