Lavanila Vanilla Grapefruit Perfume – Citrus, Cedarwood & Vanilla Scent for Women – Natural & Healthy Fragrance



Escape to a sunny day in paradise with Lavanila’s uplifting Vanilla Grapefruit Perfume. This juicy, citrusy scent blends fresh pink grapefruit and lime with warm cedarwood and soft vanilla notes for a vibrant, feel-good fragrance.

Spritz on this refreshing grapefruit perfume in the morning to start your day with a burst of bright, happy energy. The zesty citrus top notes provide an invigorating pick-me-up, while the woodsy cedar and sweet vanilla base notes add a touch of warmth and softness. It’s the perfect scent for looking and feeling your sunniest best from day to dawn.

With exhilarating grapefruit as its star ingredient, this perfume captures the essence of fresh-squeezed citrus fruits. The lively grapefruit accord is juicy, tangy and mouthwatering – just like biting into a perfectly ripe pink grapefruit bursting with sweet-tart juice on a summer day. It’s blended beautifully with fresh lime zest, which adds an extra dash of sharp brightness, taking the grapefruit notes from great to sensational.

As the citrus fruits shine at first spritz, a subtle touch of cedarwood emerges, adding a natural, earthy depth to the scent. This warm, woodsy base note balances beautifully with the sparkling citrus, letting you experience sunshine in a bottle. Finally, a kiss of vanilla delivers the finishing touch, wrapping the fragrance in soft, sweet creaminess.

With captivating citrus fruits, green woods and velvety vanilla, Lavanila’s Grapefruit Perfume is a multi-dimensional scent that transitions seamlessly from day to night. The crisp grapefruit energizes your mornings, the cedarwood adds intrigue during the day, and the vanilla provides a comforting hug in the evenings. It has outstanding versatility for any time of day, season or occasion.

How to Use

Get the most out of your Lavanila Grapefruit Perfume by applying it to clean, dry skin. Spritz 1-2 pumps onto your pulse points like the wrists, neck and d√©colletage. The warmth of your skin will help diffuse the fragrance so you’re wrapped in an alluring citrus scent. For extra lasting power, layer the perfume over your favorite lightly scented body lotion or oil.

Pro tip: Layer the Vanilla Grapefruit Perfume with other scents from Lavanila’s Healthy Fragrance Collection to create a custom signature scent! For a beachy twist, pair it with the Vanilla Coconut Perfume. Or for added warmth, mix it with the Vanilla Blackberry Perfume. With Lavanila, you can blend beautiful customized fragrance combinations to match your mood and personality.

Naturally Derived Ingredients

Lavanila takes clean beauty seriously by crafting scents with naturally derived ingredients you can feel good about. Their Healthy Fragrances use a proprietary sugar cane alcohol base combined with pure essential oils for a formula that’s gentle enough for sensitive skin yet provides incredible wearability.

While traditional perfumes use synthetic fragrances diluted in harsh chemical solvents like denatured alcohol, Lavanila opts for a healthier approach. Their non-toxic sugar cane alcohol base provides the same excellent diffusion and longevity as regular perfumes without any drying, irritation or alcohol scent. It allows the natural essential oils to shine through beautifully.

Lavanila never uses any phthalates, parabens, propylene glycol or mineral oils. Everything is vegan and cruelty-free. You can spritz on their Healthy Fragrances knowing you’re nourishing your skin and wellbeing with pure, safe ingredients.

Inspired by Madagascar Vanilla

Lavanila is inspired by the world’s finest vanilla from Madagascar off the coast of Africa. Known for its rich, creamy and sweet flavor with hints of caramel and fruit, Madagascar vanilla is highly prized as the gold standard in vanilla.

Lavanila takes inspiration from the warmth, softness and purity of this exceptional vanilla to create natural beauty products that nourish the skin and senses. Founder Danielle Raynor firmly believed in making effective formulas using only the cleanest, safest and most beneficial ingredients for women and families.

The brand’s use of vanilla in its products and name pays homage to this beloved superfood ingredient that provides antioxidant benefits, essential minerals and a comforting scent. Lavanila marries the wholesome properties of vanilla with other nourishing botanicals for luxurious, feel-good beauty you can trust.

A Healthy Lifestyle Brand

Lavanila was founded by Danielle Raynor as part of her commitment to living a healthy, wholesome lifestyle. As a new mom, she grew wary of using skincare and beauty products containing questionable synthetic chemicals. She believed it was possible to get great results using the power of pure plant essences.

Danielle partnered with chemists and aromatherapists to develop effective formulas using ethically sourced essential oils, botanical extracts, and clinical clean ingredients. The result was Lavanila – luxury, high-performance products made with only the healthiest and most beneficial natural ingredients.

The brand quickly developed a cult following among shoppers seeking clean beauty alternatives that truly perform. Lavanila continues to pave the way in natural skincare and fragrance by proving you don’t need harsh chemicals or artificial additives to get amazing, nourishing products. Their collection of Healthy Fragrances takes clean, non-toxic scent to a new level.

Escape the ordinary with Lavanila’s uplifting Vanilla Grapefruit Perfume – a sunny, feel-good fragrance crafted with natural essential oils. Let the sweet citrus scent transport you to paradise with every spritz!


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