Le Labo Discovery Set – An0ther 13, Bergamote 22, Rose 31, Santal 33 and The Noir 29 Fragrances



Discover Le Labo’s Iconic Unisex Fragrances with this Travel-Friendly 5 x 0.05 oz Sample Set

Le Labo’s discovery set allows you to experience five of their most popular unisex fragrances in a convenient travel-size vial set. The set includes 0.05 oz sample sprays of Le Labo Santal 33, Rose 31, Bergamote 22, An0ther 13, and The Noir 29. With this discovery set, you can give each of these luxurious artisanal fragrances a test run before committing to a full bottle.

About Le Labo

Le Labo is a New York-based niche perfume house known for its minimalist, apothecary-style packaging and high quality, natural ingredients. They create unisex fragrances meant to encapsulate a specific place and time – the name of each scent corresponds to the number of tries it took to perfect the formula.

Le Labo uses only the highest quality raw materials and derives its scents from natural sources like flowers, spices, woods, resins and citruses. The house employs its own perfumers who craft each scent by hand in small batches. This artisanal approach gives Le Labo fragrances a rich, complex character that feels like an authentic, living material rather than something mass produced.

The Fragrances

Santal 33 – This warm, woody scent opens with notes of cardamom, iris and violet, settling into a heart of leather, sandalwood and cypress. The drydown is an addictive blend of papyrus, cedarwood and amber. Santal 33 is inspired by the American West, evoking imagery of rugged open plains, saddle leather and driftwood fires under starry night skies.

Rose 31 – As the name implies, Rose 31 highlights the rose, combining it with spicy cumin and oud. You’ll detect rich notes of rose essence, both fresh and dried, underscored by cedar and vetiver. This elegant rose scent is Le Labo’s tribute to the flower’s timeless beauty.

Bergamote 22 – This dazzling citrus fragrance shimmers with the freshness of bergamot, enriched by undertones of amber and musk. The bergamot is present from start to finish, mingling with floral hints of jasmine and petit grain. Bergamote 22 is as sophisticated as an haute couture dress yet easy to wear for any occasion.

An0ther 13 – Warm, spicy and woody, An0ther 13 leads with ambrette seeds and angelica roots along with citrusy bergamot and grapefruit. Its heart notes include vetiver, orris butter and patchouli, finishing off with moss, cashmeran and musk. Mysterious and deeply complex, this is a bold oriental fragrance crafted for sensual comfort.

The Noir 29 – The Noir 29 weaves an intricate herbaceous blend of fig, bay leaves and cedarwood with subtle hints of bergamot zest and jasmine. This robust yet graceful fragrance conjures images of a secret walled garden rich with greens and florals. The Noir 29 has a nostalgic vintage vibe but feels very modern at the same time.

Experience Le Labo’s Legendary Scents

This discovery set is an excellent way to explore Le Labo’s range of luxurious artisanal scents without having to commit to a full bottle right away. The convenient portable size makes these perfect for hounding in your gym bag, suitcase or purse so you can test them out whenever inspiration strikes.

With just a few spritzes, Le Labo fragrances envelop you in an opulent sensory experience unlike any other. Their rich depth and complexity evolve on the skin, telling an olfactory story that intrigues the mind and captivates the senses. When you find “the one” among these five iconic fragrances, go ahead and invest in a signature scent that you’ll cherish for years to come.

So go ahead – unlock the discovery set, take off the cap, give each one a spray, and embark on a sophisticated olfactory adventure only Le Labo could create. These perfumes are art you can wear, bottled in a set you can take anywhere your travels lead.


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