L’eau D’Issey for Men by Issey Miyake Eau De Toilette Spray, 6.7 Ounce



Capture the Essence of Refreshing Aquatic Scents with L’eau D’Issey for Men

L’eau D’Issey For Men is an invigorating and fresh aquatic woody fragrance for men. This vibrant Eau de Toilette encapsulates the revitalizing scent of water and blends it with spicy and woody nuances for a bold yet easy-to-wear scent.

Top Notes of Yuzu, Tangerine, Cypress, and Lemon

The top notes burst open with the tart freshness of Yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit. Tangerine adds a sweet and juicy flair while cypress gives an energizing woodsy aroma. Lemon ties it all together with its sharp, zesty scent.

Heart Notes of Nutmeg, Lotus, Water Lily, and Star Anise

The heart of L’eau D’Issey revolves around aquatic florals like lotus and water lily intertwined with spices like nutmeg and star anise. The lotus evokes images of the serene aquatic flower floating peacefully on a pond. Water lily also imparts a fresh watery scent. Nutmeg and star anise add warmth.

Base Notes of Vetiver, Cedar, Sandalwood, and Musk

Finally, the base notes create depth with vetiver’s grassy, earthy roots. Cedarwood brings a subtle woodsy aroma while sandalwood enhances the creamy woody nuances. A touch of musk adds softness and sensuality.

A Fragrance That Evokes the Serenity and Soothing Essence of Water

L’eau D’Issey captures the crisp scent of water and blends it seamlessly with zesty fruits, aquatic florals, aromatic spices, and woody notes. This makes it perfect for men who seek a refreshing and versatile scent any time of the year. It’s ideal for day or night and both casual and formal occasions.

The Fragrance Design of Issey Miyake

Renowned Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake launched his first fragrance L’eau D’Issey in 1992. His innovative fragrance captured worldwide acclaim and became known for its unique aquatic character. Inspired by water and its symbolic power, Issey Miyake bottled the purity, serenity, and revitalizing freshness of water.

A Scent That Lasts Throughout the Day

L’eau D’Issey’s crisp fruity and floral top notes scent the skin beautifully upon initial spray. As the fragrance evolves, the spicy heart mingles with aquatic florals to create an airy watery sensation. Finally, the woody base notes leave a pleasant and comforting musky-cedarwood trail. The fragrance lasts for hours, so you stay refreshed all day.

How to Apply this Fragrance:

Apply L’eau D’Issey in the morning or before going out at night. For best results, spray once on the neck, once on each wrist, and once on the chest. The warmth of the skin helps diffuse the notes beautifully. Reapply as needed for lasting freshness.

The Perfect Gift for the Men in Your Life

L’eau D’Issey’s universally pleasing aquatic aroma makes it an ideal gift for the men in your life. Its multi-faceted scent works well for casual men, professionals, outdoorsy men, and everyone in between. The sleek bottle also looks great on a dresser or bathroom counter.

Complete your Collection with Matching L’eau D’Issey Fragrances

L’eau D’Issey comes in a variety of flankers and product lines for both men and women. Try layering L’eau D’Issey for Men with matching shower gels, deodorants, and lotions. Or complement it with other L’eau D’Issey fragrances like the Pour Homme Intense version.

An Iconic Fragrance Brand Known for Aquatic Freshness

L’eau D’Issey revolutionized aquatic fragrances and remains an iconic scent even today. Its refreshing Woody Spicy Aquatic aroma makes it a standout Eau de Toilette for modern men. Spray on this timeless fragrance to feel confident and invigorated all day.


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