L’eau D’issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyake – A Woody Aquatic Fragrance That Captures the Essence of Nature



Escape to the great outdoors with L’eau D’issey Pour Homme, a refreshing woody aquatic fragrance for men by renowned Japanese designer Issey Miyake. This invigorating Eau de Toilette spray evokes the calm of nature with its blend of citrus, herbs, woods, and musk.

Top Notes of Citrus and Herbs for a Crisp, Uplifting Start

The top notes provide an exhilarating introduction to this fragrance, with brisk citrus fruits like lemon, bergamot, and mandarin orange mingling with aromatic coriander and cypress. This medley of zesty citrus and woody herbs conjures images of a brisk walk through the forest on a sunny day. The citrus notes add an energizing brightness, while the herbs provide an earthy backdrop.

Heart Notes of Spices and Florals for Warmth and Depth

As L’eau D’issey develops on the skin, the heart notes begin to emerge, adding warmth and intrigue. Nutmeg and saffron add a touch of spice, while lily of the valley contributes a soft, floral sweetness. The nutmeg evokes the soothing aroma of autumn leaves, while the saffron and lily notes provide a romantic flair. The combination of spicy and floral notes brings complexity and depth.

Base Notes of Woods and Musk for a Masculine, Natural Finish

Finally, the base notes create a masculine, meditative foundation for this naturally-inspired fragrance. Dry woods like cedar and vetiver mingle with earthy amber and clean musk. The woody base notes connect back to the forest imagery, conjuring up thoughts of stately trees, while the musk provides an understated yet sensual undertone. As the brighter citrus and floral notes fade, the woods and musk linger on the skin, leaving an emanation of nature’s tranquility.

A Versatile Scent for Everyday Wear

L’eau D’issey Pour Homme is brilliantly formulated to be appropriate for daytime or casual wear in any season. The vibrant citrus and herb top notes feel perfectly refreshing on a hot summer day, while the warmer spices and woods work nicely on cool autumn days. This versatility makes it an ideal signature scent for modern men with active lifestyles. The clean musk base ensures it’s always appropriate for the office or a date night.

Long-Lasting Performance in an Iconic Bottle

In addition to its well-balanced scent profile, L’eau D’issey also offers excellent longevity on the skin. The fragrance lasts for hours, so you can go about your busy day without needing to reapply. The Eau de Toilette concentration provides the ideal balance of scent strength and wearability.

L’eau D’issey comes in Issey Miyake’s iconic frosted bottle, reminiscent of splashing water. The unique bottle showcases the designer’s knack for combining aesthetics and function into sculptural beauty.

A Fragrance That Evokes Serenity and Joy

L’eau D’issey Pour Homme is more than just a great-smelling fragrance – it’s a sensory experience that connects back to the natural world. Spritzing it on evokes the essence of being outdoors and embracing life’s simple joys. Its multi-layered aroma opens with crisp vibrancy, warms to sensual spice, and finishes with quiet contemplation.

So escape the chaos of modern life, and find your inner tranquility with this transportive woody aquatic eau de toilette. L’eau D’issey conjures the peace of nature, bottled in a brilliant elixir for men.


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