Leyden EDP Perfume By Maison Alhambra – A Sophisticated and Alluring Fragrance



Introducing the Leyden EDP Perfume by Maison Alhambra, an exquisite and alluring fragrance that evokes the refinement and elegance of 18th century France. This eau de parfum features a harmonious blend of aromatic botanicals and warm, rich notes that create an addictive scent you’ll want to wear day after day.

Top Notes of Zesty Bergamot and Herbaceous Lavender

The top notes of Leyden EDP Perfume open with the lively, citrusy sparkle of Italian bergamot. Known for its mood-boosting qualities, bergamot adds an instant energy and vibrancy to the fragrance. Accompanying the bergamot are herbaceous sprigs of French lavender, lending a soft and aromatic floralcy. Together these top notes create an invigorating first impression.

Heart Notes of Solar Notes and Cashmere Wood

As the fragrance evolves, the scent deepens with solar notes and cashmere wood. Drawing inspiration from the warm rays of the sun, solar notes add a rich, honey-like nuance. This mimosa-esque note is paired with the soft, sophisticated scent of cashmere wood. Resembling the smell of smooth Indian sandalwood, cashmere wood notes add a touch of luxury and depth.

Base Notes of Precious Woods and White Musk

Finally, the base notes create a sensual foundation for the scent profile. Precious woods like sandalwood and cedar wood lend a smooth, creamy woodiness, while hints of white musk add softness and skin-like warmth. Subtle touches of moss and amber create an overall signature that is deeply complex and alluring.

An Elegant Scent for Modern Men and Women

From its opening lively citrus to its deep, warm base, Leyden EDP Perfume is a sophisticated fragrance that transcends gender and occasion. The artful blend of natural essences results in a magnificent scent that evokes luxury and refinement. Both modern men and women can feel confident and charismatic wearing this memorable fragrance.

Fragrance Notes:

  • Top notes: Bergamot, Lavender
  • Middle notes: Solar Notes, Cashmere Wood
  • Base notes: Precious Woods, Moss, White Musk

Fragrance Family:

Oriental Woody

Scent Profile:

  • Opening: Bright, fruity citrus with floral lavender
  • Mid: Rich honey solar notes paired with sandalwood-esque cashmere wood
  • Base: Sensual precious woods and soft white musk

When to Wear:

Leyden EDP Perfume is a versatile fragrance for day or night. Wear it to the office for a boost of confidence before a big presentation, spritz it on before a first date, or make it your signature evening scent for a refined impression.

How to Apply:

For best results, apply Leyden to your pulse points like the wrists, neck, and décolletage. The warmth of your skin will help diffuse the notes, allowing the superb craftsmanship of this fragrance to shine. Lightly spritz 2-3 pulses on each pulse point. Reapply as needed for lasting scent all day or night.

A Timeless, Sophisticated Scent

Leyden EDP Perfume is a meticulously crafted fragrance that conjures the refinement of 18th century Versailles. Yet its artful composition gives it a modern and genderless appeal. Both elegant and addictive, this perfume is sure to garner compliments whenever you wear it. Treat yourself to a scent that is truly unmatched in sophistication and luxury.


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