Linx Cluster Lash Tint Adhesive for Flawless DIY False Lashes



Get ready to take your falsie game to the next level with the Linx Cluster Lash Tint Adhesive! This innovative lash glue makes applying falsies easier than ever. The latex-free formula is gentle on eyes yet provides strong, long-lasting hold. Plus, the included micro mascara wand allows precise, mess-free application.

Whether you’re glamming up for a big night out or just want to enhance your natural lashes, this lash adhesive helps you achieve a flawless, lust-worthy look. The jet-black tint seamlessly blends the band of false lashes with your real ones. It’s like an instant lash lift without the hassle!

Salon-Worthy Results in Seconds

Falsies can be tricky. All that lash positioning and pressing while trying not to get adhesive everywhere. The struggle is real! This lash tint adhesive takes the frustration out of applying false lashes.

The first step is easy precision thanks to the slim mascara-style wand. Just lightly brush on a thin line of adhesive along your natural lash line. No glops or mess.

Next, wield your falsies like a pro. The tacky formula keeps lashes in place so you can take your time pressing them just where you want. Once set, the flexible hold lasts all day yet removes easily with eye makeup remover. No pulled lashes here!

Whether going for a subtle daytime lift or amped up drama, this lash glue helps lashes look full, long, and natural. The jet-black pigment makes the lash band practically disappear. Your falsies will look like they grew right out of your lids!

Flawless Lashes for Every Occasion

Falsies take your look up a notch for those special events and nights out. But let’s be real – stripping off the lash glue at the end of the night is a pain!

This innovative lash adhesive is formulated to cling to lashes securely yet remove cleanly. No more struggling with heavy-duty glue that damages natural lashes. Just gently wipe away with eye makeup remover.

The formula is also latex-free and infused with nourishing ingredients. Your lashes will feel conditioned rather than crunchy and brittle. Hello happy, healthy lashes!

Whether getting glam for a wedding, big date, girls’ night out, or just because, this lash glue helps you fake fuller-looking lashes without compromise. You’ll be batting those falsies with confidence all day or night long.

DIY Lash Looks Made Simple

Take your lash artistry to the next level by creating customized faux mink lashes right at home. This lash adhesive makes it easy to apply clusters, lash ribbons, and segmented lashes for picture perfect results.

The mascara wand allows you to precisely brush on just the right amount of latex-free adhesive directly onto your natural lashes. Then dip and stick your lash pieces right where you want them. Build, layer, and design lashes tailored perfectly for your eyes.

Once set, these custom falsie creations stay put from morning lattes to late night dance floors. When you’re ready to remove, the glue dissolves cleanly with a bit of makeup remover. No lead particles left behind like traditional lash adhesive.

Elevate your lash looks by DIYing falsies for any style or occasion. With the right adhesive, sandwiching clusters or stacking ribbons is fun, easy, and affordable!

How to Apply Lash Adhesive Like a Pro

Get salon-worthy lashes at home every time with a few pro tips:

Prep lashes – Start with clean, dry lashes for best adhesion. Curlers and primer can help lashes hold a curl once falsies are applied.

Less is more – Brush on a very thin line of adhesive along the lash line. Don’t coat lashes like mascara.

Let it get tacky – Wait 10-30 seconds for glue to get sticky before applying falsies. This helps prevent sliding and adjust placement.

Align band – Set the lash band right against your natural lash line, centered on your eye. Press down gently.

Clamp lashes – Use lash applicator or tweezers to pinch falsies to natural lashes at the corners and center.

Set and go – Hold clamped for 30-60 seconds. Once set, you’re ready for your closeup!

With the right techniques, you’ll get a salon-worthy lash look in minutes. This lash adhesive helps you fake fuller, bolder lashes without the hassle. Flaunt your fabulous eyes any day or night!

Loaded With Lash Loving Ingredients

In addition to strong hold, this lash adhesive formula loads lashes with nourishing ingredients. Key components include:

Acrylates/Ethylhexyl Acrylate Copolymer – Provides flexible all-day hold that remains comfortable on lids

Aqua – Moisturizes and conditions lashes to prevent brittleness and breakage

Alcohol Denat – Quickly evaporates to allow lashes to set without sliding

Carbon Black Pigment – Tints glue jet black to seamlessly blend with real and faux lashes

AMP-Acrylates Copolymer – Allows glue to cling to lashes without being overly sticky or irritating

Phenoxyethanol – Preservative provides an optimal pH balance gentle for eyes

Citric Acid – Helps maintain a balanced pH level to prevent eye irritation

Sorbitol – Natural humectant and viscosity agent helps condition lashes

Your lashes will feel nourished, conditioned, and softer. No crunchy, stiff lashes here!

How to Remove Lash Adhesive Remover

Taking off falsies doesn’t have to be a struggle! Gently remove this lash glue just like you would eye makeup:

Use oil-based remover – Work remover into lash line to dissolve glue and lift lashes away

Hold a saturated pad – Soak a cotton round or pad with remover and press onto closed eye for 30 seconds

Gently wiggle – Slightly loosen lashes with remover-soaked spoolie or cotton swab

Slide lashes off – Working from the outer corner in, use tweezers to gently slide lashes off glue

Clean up adhesive – Soften any remaining glue with more remover and wipe away

Rinse thoroughly – Use fresh cleanser and water to remove all residue from lids and lashes

With light pressure and remover-soaked tools, even long-wear lash glue lifts off easily. Never tug or pull hard. Then lashes are fresh and ready for the next application!

Dare to lash out with the innovative Linx Cluster Lash Tint Adhesive. Achieve salon-worthy lashes at home for any occasion – date nights, vacations, parties, and beyond. This game-changing lash glue lets you apply falsies like a pro for eye-opening, awe-inspiring results.


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