LitBear Acne Patch Pimple Patch, 6 Colors 168 Dots Star Pimple Patches with Tea Tree Oil & Centella Oil, Hydrocolloid Acne Pimple Patches for Face Cute Zit Patches Pimple Stickers Acne Dots



Tired of unsightly pimples and blemishes ruining your flawless complexion? Look no further than the LitBear Acne Patch Pimple Patch! This revolutionary skincare product helps banish breakouts overnight with its powerful hydrocolloid technology.

Bye Bye Blemishes!

The LitBear Acne Patch contains hydrocolloid, a transparent gel that forms a protective barrier over your pimple to speed up healing. The hydrocolloid technology seals in healing ingredients like Tea Tree Oil and Centella while locking out dirt, oil and bacteria. This helps reduce redness, inflammation and pus for clearer skin fast.

Super Cute Design

Unlike ugly medicated dots, the LitBear Acne Patch comes in a super cute and fashionable star shape in 6 fun colors. Choose from Sky Blue, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Green and Orange. The colorful stars make healing pimples fun and add a touch of flair to your skincare routine. No more hiding blemishes under your hair or makeup. Flaunt these adorable pimple stickers with confidence!

All Skin Types

The hydrocolloid gel and natural botanicals make LitBear Pimple Patches safe and gentle for all skin types, even sensitive. Tea tree oil calms redness and inflammation while centella asiatica leaf extract promotes healing. Free of harsh chemicals, colorants and irritants, these cure acne naturally.

How To Use

Using the LitBear Acne Patch Pimple Patch is easy peasy! Just follow these simple steps for optimal results:

Step 1: Cleanse and dry skin thoroughly before applying the patch. Make sure no makeup, oil or dirt remains on the blemish.

Step 2: Pick the star patch size that best fits over the pimple – 8mm for small breakouts and 12mm for larger blemishes.

Step 3: Remove the clear film backing and stick the hydrocolloid patch directly over the pimple, pressing gently to secure.

Step 4: Wear the patch for at least 6 hours or overnight for best results. The longer the wear, the better it works!

Step 5: Remove gently in the morning. Discard used patches and rinse away any residue. Voila! Your pimple should be flattened and healed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to work?

Results vary based on skin type and blemish severity, but most see improvement after the first use. The pimple patch continuously absorbs fluid and reduces inflammation overnight.

Can I reuse acne patches?

LitBear pimple patches are designed for single use. Once absorbed with fluid and gunk, the hydrocolloid gel loses effectiveness. Always apply a fresh dot for best results.

Are the patches reusable?

LitBear pimple patches are intended to be disposable after one use. Reusing patches risks transferring bacteria back onto the skin.

How do I store them?

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Keep patches sealed in package until use.

How many uses in each pack?

Each pack contains 168 micro-dart star patches total. With 2 sizes (8mm and 12mm), this equals 84 uses.

Real Reviews

“I am beyond impressed with these pimple patches! They helped clear up my hormonal chin breakouts practically overnight. Now I never leave home without my LitBear stars!” – Mary S.

“These cure acne without drying out my sensitive skin. Very gentle and effective. I love the cute star shape too – adds some ✨magic✨ to my zit smoothing routine!” – Sofia D.

“These absorb gunk waaay better than other brands I’ve tried. I saw a big difference in my cystic pimple after using LitBear patch overnight. Will definitely buy again.” – Xi L.

“Cured my back and chest acne without harsh chemicals! Tea tree oil really calms inflammation. My blemishes flatten out so much faster now. Wish I had discovered these stars sooner.” – Ryan J.

Try It Risk Free

Clear up acne naturally and beautifully with the LitBear Acne Patch Pimple Patch. With its powerful hydrocolloid formula infused with botanical oils, these miracle dots zap zits fast without dryness or irritation.

The stylish star shape also makes healing blemishes fun and positive. There’s no need to hide pimples anymore when treatment looks this cute! With over 20,000 satisfied customers and a 30 day money-back guarantee, you can try the LitBear Acne Patch completely risk free.

Say bye bye to breakouts and hello to happy, healthy looking skin with this 5-star blemish solution. Add it to your skincare routine today!


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