Liz Claiborne Mambo Men’s Cologne – Zesty, Sophisticated Scent for the Modern Man



Experience the energizing yet sophisticated fragrance of Liz Claiborne’s Mambo Men’s Cologne. This dynamic eau de toilette combines fresh, zesty notes with warm, masculine woods to create a bold, confident scent perfect for today’s modern man.

Top Notes of Citrus and Herbs for a Crisp, Uplifting Start

The top notes of Mambo burst open with a medley of citrus and herbs including bergamot, lime, sage, and thyme. Their bright, tangy aroma uplifts the senses and provides an invigorating start to this lively fragrance.

Heart Notes of Spice and Wood for Intrigue and Depth

As Mambo settles on the skin, notes of cinnamon, cumin, and cedarwood emerge, adding spice and subtle warmth. Their rich, softly spicy scent stirs the senses and provides an alluring depth and complexity to the fragrance.

Base Notes of Earthy Patchouli and Fir Balsam for a Sensual Finish

The base notes create a sensual finish with the earthy aromas of patchouli and fir balsam. The patchouli adds a rich, incense-like undertone while the fir balsam provides a fresh, foresty nuance. Together they complete Mambo with a sophisticated, woodsy trail.

Created by Renowned Fragrance Designer Carlos Benaim

Mambo was created in 2001 by Carlos Benaim, a world-renowned fragrance designer who has crafted iconic scents for Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss and more. His artful blend of invigorating citrus, intriguing spices, and sensual woods make Mambo a scent that intrigues and excites.

Versatile Scent Perfect for Any Occasion

This lively, complex eau de toilette has a versatile character that adapts well to any occasion or time of day. The vibrant citrus notes make it perfect for daytime wear, while the spicy heart and woodsy base notes also give it sophistication for the office or a night out. Mambo works well during any season too, making it a staple scent for the modern man’s fragrance wardrobe.

Made by Liz Claiborne, Leaders in Fashion Fragrance

With decades of experience in fashion and fragrance, Liz Claiborne creates scents as stylish and sophisticated as their iconic clothing. Mambo Cologne lives up to their reputation, with a trend-savvy design perfect for today’s modern, outgoing man looking to make a bold statement.

Long-Lasting Scent in a Convenient Spray Bottle

Mambo comes in a 3.4 ounce spray bottle, perfect for keeping at home or taking on travels. The convenient sprayer makes it easy to apply just the right amount, and the fragrance lasts for hours on skin. The bottle’s sleek, stylish design also looks great on any counter or dresser.

Complete Your Routine with Matching Mambo Grooming

To complement your Mambo Cologne, try the matching Mambo Deodorant, Shampoo, and Shower Gel. Layering the scents creates a longer-lasting fragrance experience so you can stay fresh and confident all day long.

Give the Gift of Confidence with Mambo Cologne

With its blend of modern sophistication and bold excitement, Mambo makes a fantastic gift for the men in your life. Its versatile character suits any man’s lifestyle – give it for birthdays, holidays, Father’s Day, graduations, or any occasion. The stylish bottle also looks great wrapped up or in a gift bag.

Sensual Sophistication for the Outgoing, Modern Man

With vibrant citruses, intriguing spices, and sensual woods, Liz Claiborne’s Mambo Men’s Cologne is perfect for the outgoing, modern man looking to make a bold, sophisticated statement. Its lively scent energizes the senses and radiates confidence for any occasion. Spray on Mambo Cologne and embrace the exciting, vibrant side of life.


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