Lovely by SJP Body Mist – An Enticing Floral Woody Fragrance for Today’s Sophisticated Women



Escape into a world of elegance and romance with the Lovely by SJP Body Mist. This enticing floral woody fragrance envelops you in a sensual aura that is both feminine and alluring.

A Timeless Scent for the Modern Goddess

Launched in 2005 as part of the original Lovely fragrance collection, this body mist was designed to be a sophisticated yet intimate scent for today’s woman. With top notes of mandarin, bergamot, rosewood, lavender, and apple martini, Lovely blooms into a bouquet of femininity. The heart reveals itself with notes of patchouli, paper whites, and orchid, while the base notes of cedar wood and white amber add warmth and sensuality.

This exquisite composition creates a trail of allure that lingers long after the first spray. Subtly seductive yet perfectly poised, Lovely empowers you to embrace your inner goddess. It’s the epitome of effortless elegance and refined glamour.

An Alluring Scent that Lasts from Day to Night

Lovely’s sillage is as unforgettable as the woman who wears it. This body mist envelops you in a cloud of fragrance that is detectable but never overpowering. The formulation is concentrated enough to smell fresh and vibrant all day, while still retaining a softness suitable for close encounters.

As the day wears on, Lovely remains graceful and elegant. The scent evolves into sweeter, warmer tones while still maintaining its sophisticated character. This allows you to transition seamlessly from the boardroom to the boudoir with a spritz in the evening restoring Lovely’s top notes.

No matter where the day takes you, Lovely empowers you to feel beautiful, confident, and captivating from morning to night.

A Chic Presentation Built for the Modern Woman on the Go

The feminine yet bold packaging design reflects the dual nature of the modern woman. Printed in ballerina pink with a hint of gold, the bottle captures Lovely’s blend of softness and strength. The sleek, elegant design easily slips into your purse for freshening up on the go.

When life gets hectic, a spritz of Lovely helps you reset, reground, and reconnect with your inner poise. The gorgeous bottle also makes a perfect gift for the remarkable women in your life. Share the empowering elegance of Lovely at birthdays, Mother’s Day, graduations, or as an everyday “just because” gift.

Experience the Magic of the SJP Fragrance Collection

As a connoisseur of fragrance, Sarah Jessica Parker poured her passion into creating her signature scent collection. She personally develops and perfects each formula until it meets her discerning standards.

The Lovely body mist represents the pinnacle of her vision for timeless, sophisticated fragrances. Discover her full collection to experience the range of enticing and memorable scents SJP has crafted.

Let Lovely transport you with top notes that seduce the senses and base notes that linger like a secret. Feel beautiful, confident, and captivating no matter where the day takes you.

Spray on Sophistication with Lovely by SJP Body Mist

Refresh your fragrance wardrobe with an elegant body mist designed for today’s multifaceted woman. Lovely takes you from boardroom to boudoir with a sophisticated scent that empowers you to feel beautiful wherever you go.


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