Lovely by SJP Eau de Parfum Spray – Sweet Floral Woody Amber Scent for Women



Transport Yourself with Lovely, a Timeless Floral Woody Musk Fragrance for Women by SJP

Escape into a world of feminine allure and modern sophistication with Lovely by SJP. Launched in 2005, this floral woody musk fragrance envelops you in a delicate blend of juicy citrus, sweet fruits, and sensual woods. With top notes of mandarin, bergamot, and apple martini giving way to floral heart notes of paper whites, orchid, and patchouli before drying down to a warm base of cedarwood and white amber, Lovely is the perfect signature scent for the self-assured, glamorous woman.

Sophisticated Yet Approachable
Lovely masterfully balances classic elegance with modern charm. It opens with an inviting burst of bright mandarin, fresh bergamot, and tart apple martini. The fruity top notes create an aura of playful femininity, while subtle touches of rosewood and lavender add a polished, grown-up sensibility. As the perfume evolves, notes of delicate paper whites and sensual orchid bloom into an unforgettable floral heart. Earthy patchouli provides depth and texture, enhancing the florals with its musky richness. Finally, the fragrance dries down to reveal its warm, woody base of cedar and creamy amber. This seductive foundation lingers on the skin for hours, delicately whispering of refinement and luxury.

From Day to Night Wear
Lovely by SJP was made for the confident, fashionable woman who seamlessly transitions from a hectic workday to an elegant evening out. The multifaceted fragrance layers sweet fruits, powdery florals, and skin-hugging woods so you can spritz it on in the morning and still smell fabulous when you’re getting ready for a glamorous night on the town. The sparkling citrus opening provides an energizing boost to start your day while the floral heart is feminine and pretty for afternoon meetings. Finally, the sensual wood and amber base notes create an aura of relaxed confidence for your evening look. Lovely has outstanding longevity and silage, surrounding you in its unforgettable bouquet for hours.

A Hint of Sarah Jessica Parker’s Charm
Lovely captures Sarah Jessica Parker’s graceful spirit. As an actress, producer, designer, and perfumer, SJP embodies both timeless elegance and contemporary edge. Her refined personal style served as inspiration when crafting this feminine yet powerful fragrance. Like SJP herself, Lovely is versatile enough for every occasion, from bustling days at the office to glitzy red carpet events. Sophisticated, alluring, and utterly charming, Lovely is a fragrance worthy of its famous creator.

A Fragrance Wardrobe Essential
Keep a bottle of Lovely on your vanity to reach for anytime you want to feel pampered and pretty. The chic pink bottle looks like a jewel with its signature grosgrain ribbon necklace. Lightly mist after your morning shower to carry the fruity-floral scent with you all day. Spray onto pulse points before a date for a dash of irresistible allure. Or apply before bed so you can fall asleep enveloped in its delicate bouquet. For over 15 years, Lovely has remained a bestselling women’s perfume thanks to its timeless, crowd-pleasing formula. Treat yourself to this celebrity-approved classic.


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