Luminous Dinosaur Temporary Tattoos – Glow in The Dark Dinosaur Tattoos for Thrilling Jurassic Fun



Bring the exciting world of glowing dinosaurs to life with these magical luminous dinosaur temporary tattoos! With 10 sheets packed with around 90 glowing dinosaur designs, kids can let their imaginations run wild with these prehistoric creatures that light up the darkness.

These dinosaur tattoo stickers are perfect for dinosaur-themed parties, bedroom decor, school projects, costumes, or just prehistoric playtime fun. The tattoos glow in the dark after absorbing light, so make sure to “charge” them under a light source like the sun or a lamp before sticking them on. Then watch as they illuminate with a neon glow for hours of after-dark dinosaur adventures!

The vivid glow-in-the-dark dinosaur designs include favorites like the fierce Tyrannosaurus rex, horned Triceratops, flying Pteranodon, plated Stegosaurus, and more in a glowing neon jungle scene. With so many dinosaur tattoo options across 10 different sheets, kids will have a roaring good time collecting and trading these temporary dino tattoos with friends.


  • 10 sheets with around 90 glowing dinosaur temporary tattoo designs
  • Vivid glow-in-the-dark dinosaur tattoos light up the night after absorbing light
  • Realistic and colorful dinosaur designs including T-rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and more
  • Dinosaur tattoos glow for hours after charging in sunlight or lamplight
  • Easy to apply – just wet tattoo and place on skin for 30-60 seconds
  • Safe, non-toxic materials; lasts 2-5 days
  • Perfect for kids ages 3+; fun for dinosaur parties and playtime

Thrilling Glow-in-the-Dark Dinosaur Playtime

Kids will be mesmerized as these luminous dinosaur tattoos magically light up with a bright neon glow when the lights go out. Make playtime extra fun and a little spooky as glowing T-rexes, Triceratops, Raptors, and more seem to come to life when the tattoos illuminate in the darkness!

The vivid temporary tattoos are easy to apply and last 2-5 days, making them perfect for prehistoric adventures. Let kids’ imaginations run wild as they decorate their arms, legs, faces and even bedrooms with these glowing dinosaur designs.

Charge the tattoos under a light source like a lamp or sunlight so they fully absorb the light energy. Then watch them glow bright all through the night! Kids will love showing off their glowing dinosaur tattoos at nighttime birthday parties, sleepovers, camping trips, or any time they want to bring an extra burst of neon fun.

Fun Dinosaur Party Favors & Activities

These glow in the dark dinosaur tattoos make fantastic favors and activities for dinosaur-themed birthday parties. Hand them out as prizes or in goodie bags so the party fun can continue even after the lights go out.

Use them as part of a dino dig or fossil hunt by hiding them around the party area for kids to discover. Turn off the lights and watch as the excavated tattoos light up the darkness with their magical glow. You can also use them for fun dino games like dinosaur tattoo bingo, trading cards, or tattoo charades.

Let kids design their own glowing dinosaur tattoos with crayons and paints on the blank tattoo sheets before applying them. They can even stick them on t-shirts, hats, or dino costumes for a fun glowing effect. The creative possibilities are endless with these luminous dinosaur temporary tattoos!

Safe, Easy Application in Just Seconds

Applying these temporary dinosaur tattoos is quick and easy. Simply cut or peel off the tattoo you want, wet the design side with water, and press it firmly on clean skin for 30-60 seconds. Let the paper dry completely before slowly peeling it off to reveal your glowing tattoo!

The tattoos are made from safe, non-toxic materials and last 2-5 days on skin or longer on hard surfaces. Avoid scrubbing and let them gradually wear off on their own. They can be easily reapplied if they start fading before the dinosaurs are done with their glowing adventures!

Kids will love collecting, trading, and sharing these magical glow in the dark dinosaur tattoos for hours of creative playtime fun. With 10 sheets packed with tons of colorful dinosaur designs, the entire family can join in the prehistoric glow party!

Bring Glowing Excitement to Bedrooms, Parties, and More

Let your child’s imagination shine bright with these luminous dinosaur temporary tattoos. Light up bedroom decor, school projects, costumes, and any dinosaur or jungle-themed parties with these glow in the dark tattoos.

Kids can decorate walls, furniture, school supplies, t-shirts, and even themselves with these prehistoric neon designs. They make fantastic prizes, party favors, goodie bag items, or just glow-in-the-dark fun for dinosaur lovers ages 3 and up.

Watch faces light up with awe and excitement as the tattoos magically illuminate once the lights go out. With 10 sheets packed with tons of colorful dinosaur designs, creative glow-in-the-dark fun is endless with these magical luminous dinosaur temporary tattoos!


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