Luxillia Black Magnetic Eyeliner Kit for Most Natural Look Magnetic Lashes



Gain the power of magnetic attraction with the Luxillia Black Magnetic Eyeliner Kit. This 2 piece set is specially formulated to provide the strongest magnetic hold for hassle-free application and long-lasting wear of magnetic lashes. Luxillia’s upgraded formula contains the maximum amount of micro magnetic particles to ensure your falsies stay put for over 24 hours.

The unique waterproof formula is designed to work with any brand of magnetic lashes, unlike competitors’ products that only adhere to specific lashes. It glides on smoothly and dries quickly to a flexible, smudge-proof finish. The intense pigment provides a perfect solid black line that seamlessly blends for the most natural lash extension look.

Luxillia is one of the most trusted magnetic eyeliner brands worldwide, with thousands of happy customers who swear by the unbeatable quality. Once you experience it yourself, you’ll never switch!

Upgrade Your Makeup Routine with Effortless Magnetic Lashes

Tired of fussy false lashes with messy glue that lift and peel off halfway through the day? It’s time to upgrade to the innovation of magnetic lashes for a quick, easy and comfortable application.

Magnetic eyeliner contains microscopic iron oxide particles that allow magnetic lashes to connect securely along the lash line. It takes just seconds to stick them on, no drying time required. Enjoy the freedom to remove and reapply anytime.

Ditch the pinch and weight of traditional strip lashes. Magnetic falsies are ultra lightweight and flexible to look and feel like your natural lashes. Customize your style from a subtle everyday flutter to a more glamorous amped up volume. The possibilities are endless!

Unbeatable Magnetic Hold That Lasts

Frustrated when weak magnetic eyeliner causes your falsies to fall halfway through the night? Luxillia’s formula has the highest concentration of magnetic particles so your lashes stay locked in place for over 24 hours. No more embarrassing mishaps and ruined makeup!

The intense magnetic attraction provides unshakeable resistance to slipping and sliding throughout the day. Luxillia’s eyeliner formula underwent extensive testing and development to perfect the right balance of flexibility and magnetism.

Even during activities like working out or swimming, the waterproof liner retains its powerful magnetic properties. No need to worry about sweating or humidity causing your lashes to detach. The smudge-proof formula also keeps your cat eye intact without budging.

Seamlessly Blends for a Natural Look

Luxillia’s rich black magnetic eyeliner is expertly formulated to provide a smooth, blendable consistency. It glides on easily for precise application along the lash line and dries to a flexible finish.

The soft texture and thin tapered brush allow you to create barely-there thin lines or build up to a thicker dramatic wing. Use delicate strokes right at the base of your natural lashes to conceal any gaps or glue lines.

The flawless solid pigment seamlessly merges with the attached magnetic falsies. It creates a virtually undetectable bond that looks like your real lashes extended. No one will guess you’re wearing fake lashes!

Works With Any Magnetic Lash Brand

Luxillia’s magnetic eyeliner conveniently works with any brand of magnetic lashes. The iron oxide particles universally attract to the tiny magnets pre-embedded along the lash band.

There’s no need to stick with a specific lash brand or be limited in your options. You can mix and match your magnetic falsies as desired.

Whether you prefer natural looking whispies or a more dramatic voluminous style, Luxillia’s magnetic eyeliner securely holds any magnetic falsie. This gives you total freedom to customize your look.

Stick with one brand or build your collection trying different styles. The eyeliner’s foolproof magnetic attraction does all the work!

Cruelty-Free and Vegan Friendly

Luxillia is proudly certified cruelty-free and vegan. None of our products are tested on animals.

We use high quality natural ingredients and sustainable practices. Luxillia is committed to providing an ethical beauty option for discerning consumers.

Our magnetic eyeliner kit contains premium grade iron oxides sourced from vegan mineral origins. The formula excludes any harsh chemicals or animal byproducts.

You can look and feel beautiful confidently knowing no animals were harmed in the making of this product. Luxillia offers next level performance with the highest standards of integrity.

Thousands of Satisfied Customers Worldwide

With thousands of 5-star reviews, Luxillia is one of the most trusted and beloved magnetic eyeliner brands worldwide. Our products have gained a loyal following for their unparalleled quality and reliability.

Once you try it, you’ll see why so many makeup enthusiasts say Luxillia’s magnetic eyeliner is the best and they will never use any other brand. The flawless application, strong magnetic adhesion, and comfortable feel make converts out of everyone.

Take comfort shopping with a proven brand with years of expertise exclusively focused on magnetic lash products. Luxillia’s revolutionary formulas are always improving and evolving.

Join the ranks of our thousands of delighted customers who swear by Luxillia’s magnetic eyeliner kit for the absolute best magnetic lash experience. Your magnetic lash routine will never be the same!


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