Luxurious Microfiber Hair Towels That Gently Dry Your Long, Curly Locks



Tired of rough, scratchy towels that frizz and damage your luscious curly mane? We’ve got you covered.

Introducing the YFONG microfiber hair towel wraps – the must-have secret for all curly girls who want to cut their drying time in half while keeping their curls smooth and frizz-free.

These super plush microfiber towels are specially designed for long, thick and curly hair. Forget about flimsy towels that can’t contain all your hair – our hair wraps are extra large and over 30% thicker than regular towels. The luxurious microfiber fabric gently soaks up moisture while the button closure keeps every strand securely in place.

Why Our Microfiber Hair Towels Are a Must for Curly Hair:

Extra Thick & Plush Microfiber

30% thicker than regular towels – perfect for maximum absorption
Made from ultra soft long-fleece microfiber for a luxurious feel
Uniquely woven micro channels absorb 30% more water than regular towels
Giant Size Hair Towel Wrap

Extra large 26.7 x 10.2 inch size wraps all your hair
No more sopping wet ends dangling out like with small towels
Ideal for extra long, thick and curly manes
Button Closure Keeps Hair Securely In Place

No more annoying slippage while you move around
Button and strap keep the towel firmly wrapped around hair
Prevents frizz by minimizing friction
Cuts Drying Time in Half

Reduces hair drying time by 60% over air drying
Super absorbent microfiber pulls moisture from hair quickly
Less blow drying means less heat damage and frizz
Protects Curls From Damage

Gently dries hair without rough terry cloth friction
Prevents frizz, breakage and split ends from towels
So lightweight it won’t pull delicate curls
Perfect For Curly Hair Routines

Wear it after washing for friction-free drying
Use it to protect hair pre-styling, at night, or in the bath
Ideal for deep conditioning treatments & masks

Ditch Rough Towels & Upgrade To Luxury

Pamper your curls with the ultimate hair drying experience. Our YFONG microfiber hair towels gently coddle strands – no pulling, no frizzing – for smooth, hydrated curls that look salon fresh.

Experience the luxury for yourself! Dress up your daily hair care and say goodbye to damaging terry cloth towels for good.

Your New Microfiber Hair Towels Also:

– Dry hair faster than cotton T-shirts or inferior microfiber

– Softer than silk – gently cares for hair without tugging

– Light as a feather – won’t weigh hair down or strain necks

– Ideal for curly perms, extensions, wigs, and weaves

– Retain shape and color even after frequent washing

– Can be used for face/skin, gym, travel, spa treatments

– Comes in a set of 2 – share with friends or keep backups

– Machine washable & durable – lasts over 10,000 washes

– Generous 90 day money back guarantee

Luxurious Hair Care Starts With YFONG

Experience the YFONG difference for yourself! Our ultra plush microfiber hair towels will revolutionize your daily hair care routine.

Say goodbye to frizz, split ends and breakage from rough terry towels – and hello to smooth, hydrated curls you’ll love showing off.

Don’t settle for another bad hair day – your luscious locks deserve the very best.


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