Luxury Lattafa Perfumes Premium Collection – A Sophisticated Blend for Men & Women



Immerse yourself in luxury with Hayaati for Men by Lattafa Perfumes. This rich eau de parfum opens with a burst of warmth from nutmeg, pink pepper, ginger and bergamot. The spicy top notes give way to an exotic heart of incense, cedar, labdanum and woody notes. Finally, sensual base notes of amber, musk and ambergris provide staying power for hours of allure.

Hayaati for Men is perfect for the sophisticated, confident man. The bold, masculine fragrance is equally at home in the boardroom or a night on the town. Let the exotic spices transport you to distant lands and adventures abroad. At the same time, subtle woods and musk provide a grounding earthiness. This complex interplay evokes a worldly man who can toggle between business and pleasure with ease.

Just a spritz or two of this eau de parfum and you’ll make a memorable first impression. The sillage leaves an alluring trail that piques interest wherever you go. While seductive, Hayaati for Men maintains an air of refinement. This allows the modern gentleman to feel put-together and attractive without being overpowering.

Hayaati Gold Elixir – A Fruity Floral Scent for Women

Indulge in the juicy fruits and floral blooms of Hayaati Gold Elixir by Lattafa Perfumes. This luminous fragrance for women opens with lush litchi and desert cactus flower. The sweet fruits provide a kiss of vitality, while the flower adds intrigue.

Next, the composition blossoms with rosehip, orange and sparkling citrus. Tart and tangy blood orange mingles with soft, powdery rosehip in a fruit bouquet that’s positively addictive. Citrus oils amplify the fruity accord, creating mouthwatering juiciness.

Finally, the fragrance settles into a sultry base of musk and sandalwood. These provide a sensual foundation for the bright fruits and florals. Like a sunkissed goddess, Hayaati Gold Elixir remains radiant from first spritz to lasting drydown.

For the woman who desires to leave a sunshine-filled sillage behind her, this perfume is pure bottled bliss. It’s lively yet graceful – perfect for a flirty date night or girl’s brunch. Let Hayaati Gold Elixir brighten every occasion with its effervescent aura.

Hayaati Makeky – A Unisex & Alluring Oud Fragrance

Experience the mesmerizing power of oud with Hayaati Makeky by Lattafa Perfumes. This unisex fragrance opens with an exotic infusion of oud. The precious oil immediately casts a spellbinding aura, intriguing all who encounter its smoky richness.

As Hayaati Makeky develops, oriental notes join the oud accord. Their spicy nuances amplify the oil’s hypnotic sensuality. This mysterious core evolves on skin to reveal nuances of nutmeg, pink pepper, ginger and bergamot. These lively spices and citrus uplift the composition.

The drydown maintains oud’s addictive allure while smoothing out its rougher edges. A harmonious blend of amber, musk and ambergris emerges. This velvety base provides a polished finish.

Between its exotic oud opening and sensual drydown, Hayaati Makeky is the perfect signature scent. It’s bold yet refined, equally alluring on men and women. The striking fragrance intrigues those nearby and leaves a provocative impression. Let this scent speak volumes without saying a word.

Why Choose Lattafa Perfumes?

Founded in Saudi Arabia, Lattafa Perfumes combines Eastern traditions with modern innovation. The house’s master perfumers expertly balance precious oud, exotic spices, and imported components. Every creation is blended by hand to ensure unmatched quality.

While inspired by ancient perfumery methods, Lattafa also utilizes cutting-edge extraction techniques. Their sandalwood, oud and other naturals are sustainably sourced and processed to maximize aromatic potency. This results in fragrances with exceptional depth and complexity.

In addition to artistry, Lattafa values affordability. They offer luxurious, high-quality scents at reasonable prices. This allows you to enjoy niche excellence without the typical high cost.

With Lattafa Perfumes, you can immerse yourself in a world of fragrant splendor. Explore exotic locales and cultures through unique scent compositions. Stand out from the crowd with signature scents that are as memorable as you are.

Discover Your New Signature Scent

Elevate your fragrance wardrobe with the Premium Collection by Lattafa Perfumes. With bold Hayaati for Men, juicy Hayaati Gold Elixir for Women and sensual Hayaati Makeky unisex, you’ll have a sophisticated scent for every occasion. Let these handcrafted fragrances express your unique personality and wow those around you.


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