Maahir Legacy by Lattafa for Men – Captivating Woody Aromas in an Elegant EDP



Introducing the alluring new scent for men – Maahir Legacy Eau De Parfum by Lattafa. This luxurious fragrance opens with brisk citrus top notes of bergamot, lemon and mandarin, giving way to an enticing heart of geranium, pine and sage. The base notes create a sensual woody aroma with accords of amber, musk, oakmoss and cedarwood. The result is a sophisticated and complex scent that evokes confidence and timeless style.

Housed in a classic glass bottle with silver accents, Maahir Legacy makes a refined addition to any man’s fragrance collection. The bold black and silver packaging exudes masculinity and elegance simultaneously. Spray on this long-lasting EDP before heading out for the evening or to the office to make a memorable first impression. The subtle woodsy notes lend an intriguing air of mystery.

Top Notes

The top notes offer an invigorating burst of citrus with essences of bergamot, lemon and mandarin. Bergamot has a distinctive sweet but tart aroma that is uplifting and confidence boosting. Paired with the bright, juicy accords of lemon and mandarin, the opening truly energizes the senses.

Heart Notes

As the fragrance develops, spicy and herbal heart notes come forward. Geranium contributes a green, floral scent that is balanced by the woodsy aroma of pine. Sage adds a slightly medicinal undertone, creating depth and complexity. The heart is vibrant, natural and engaging.

Base Notes

Finally, the base notes ground this EDP with rich, masculine woody accords. Smooth amber and earthy oakmoss mingle with sensual musk and cedarwood. The amber injects a subtle touch of sweetness while the cedarwood and oakmoss lend an outdoorsy, forest-like character. Altogether, the base notes are bold, mysterious and seductive.

Captivating Sillage and Lasting Power

This fragrance was crafted by master perfumers to have an enticing sillage, meaning it leaves a scent trail as you wear it. The woody base notes project within your personal space, intriguing those around you. However, the sillage is never overpowering or cloying. Applied lightly, Maahir Legacy maintains a classy and polite presence.

In addition to bold sillage, this EDP offers excellent longevity on skin. Expect the woody notes to last 8 hours or more before fading. The fragrance journey morphs from bright citrus to woody and sensual. With both daytime freshness and evening sensuality, it serves as a versatile signature scent.

Ideal Occasions for This Scent

Thanks to the balancing blend of invigorating and mesmerizing notes, Maahir Legacy suits a wide variety of occasions. Wear it to the office to promote feelings of confidence and professionalism among colleagues. Spray it on before a first date – the citrus top notes create a friendly first impression while the woody base notes add magnetism.

This versatile EDP also works for night outs, social gatherings, weddings and more. The amber, musk and oakmoss give it sensual undertones perfect for date nights or evenings out on the town. Feel sophisticated and intriguing no matter the occasion by making Maahir Legacy your signature scent.

Complete Your Fragrance Wardrobe

With captivating woody aromas, excellent performance and sophisticated packaging, Maahir Legacy makes a valuable addition to any man’s fragrance collection. It fills the role of a head-turning evening scent while also working for daytime wear. For the man who appreciates bold, complex scents, this new release from Lattafa belongs on the shelf.

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