Maison Alhambra Baroque Satin Oud Unisex Eau de Parfum Spray – Captivating Woody and Floral Scent for All



Treat yourself to the luxurious yet mysterious scent of Maison Alhambra’s Baroque Satin Oud, a unisex eau de parfum inspired by the iconic Oud Satin Mood fragrance. This captivating fragrance opens with bright, juicy pear and bergamot, followed by a floral heart of jasmine and cedarwood. It finishes with a warm, woody base of musk and tuberose.

With top notes of pear and bergamot, Baroque Satin Oud greets you with a burst of crisp fruitiness. The pear adds a touch of sweetness, while the bergamot lends its signature citrusy aroma. As the fragrance develops, it takes on a more floral persona with accents of rich jasmine and earthy cedarwood. The jasmine brings a soft, petal-like elegance, while the cedarwood provides depth and texture.

The fragrance’s base notes complete the journey – musky woods blended with sultry tuberose. The soft, velvety musk combines effortlessly with the tuberose’s narcotic, creamy blossoms. Together they create an addictive, sensual foundation for this complex scent.

Versatile enough for everyday wear, Baroque Satin Oud’s blend of fruits, flowers, and woods makes it a refined choice for women and men alike. The juxtaposition of light and dark notes gives this fragrance multi-layered character. It is the perfect signature scent for those who appreciate sophisticated, intriguing fragrances.

An Elegant Mix of Eastern and Western Influences

While oud is a rare, exotic wood note more commonly found in Middle Eastern perfumery, Maison Alhambra gives it a refined European twist. The resulting fragrance marries eastern oud with classical French notes like pear, jasmine and musk. This hybrid quality makes Baroque Satin Oud both exotic and familiar.

Oud is derived from the agarwood tree and prized in perfumery for its rich, woody aroma. By blending oud with brighter fruits and white florals, Maison Alhambra creates an oud fragrance that is smoother, more luxurious and more accessible. The oud takes on an elegant, velvety quality – perfect for the francophile or perfume connoisseur.

Sophisticated Scent to Complement Your Style

Baroque Satin Oud’s blend of unique notes makes it a standout evening fragrance. The woody oud and heady tuberose suit cooler weather and formal events. Just a spray or two of this complex elixir makes an elegant finishing touch for date nights, formal galas or any special occasion.

For everyday wear, Baroque Satin Oud transitions seamlessly from day to night. In the daytime, notes like juicy pear and jasmine shine through, giving the scent a lively spring in its step. As day fades to evening, the warmer base notes come forward, adding sophisticated drama.

In addition to its bold, mysterious aroma, Baroque Satin Oud comes in a striking package. The sleek black bottle with gold accents looks stunning on a dresser or perfume tray. For the perfume lover who appreciates both quality and aesthetics, it makes a meaningful addition to any fragrance wardrobe.

Long-Lasting, Excellent Sillage

Baroque Satin Oud was thoughtfully formulated to last. Applied in the morning, it retains its richness even by evening. The woody and musky base notes act like an anchoring foundation, keeping the brighter top notes from fading too quickly.

In addition to its staying power on skin, Baroque Satin Oud projects beautifully. The fragrance effortlessly leaves a sillage – a lingering, delicate fragrance trail left in the air after someone walks by. With excellent projection and sillage, just a spritz or two of this EDP envelops you in an aura of luxury.

Safe for All Skin Types

Baroque Satin Oud contains no harsh synthetic chemicals that irritate sensitive skin. Formulated with care using high-quality ingredients, it can be safely worn by men and women of all skin types. The alcohol concentration is low enough for even those with sensitive skin to enjoy.

As with any new fragrance, it’s best to first test on a small area of skin to check for irritation or allergic reaction. Apply to wrists, behind ears or other pulse points and monitor for any redness over the next day. But formulated with skin safety in mind, most people can wear Baroque Satin Oud without issue.

Unleash Your Inner Artist

Baroque Satin Oud was inspired by the Baroque art movement, known for extravagant, ornate designs meant to provoke deep emotion. This fragrance captures that expressive spirit – the contrast of light and shadows, exuberance and intrigue.

Wearing this eau de parfum allows you to embrace your inner artist. Let the multi-layered scent inspire self-expression and creativity as you move through your day. With notes that feel at once vintage and futuristic, it encourages you to reinvent yourself every day.

Experience the Mystery and Allure of Oud

Surround yourself in beauty, luxury and intrigue with Maison Alhambra’s Baroque Satin Oud EDP. Drawing inspiration from a legendary Francis Kurkdjian fragrance, this perfume offers the rare, exotic oud note in a more accessible, wearable form.

For perfume aficionados and those new to oud alike, it makes an enticing addition to your scent wardrobe. The artful blend of fruits, woods and florals creates a fragrance experience that evolves throughout the day. Spray it on pulse points morning and night to unlock its full richness.


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