Maison Alhambra Jean Lowe Immortal Eau De Parfum Spray for Men, Captivating Amber Scent



Experience the captivating and sensual scent of Maison Alhambra’s Jean Lowe Immortal Eau De Parfum. This alluring fragrance for men opens with invigorating top notes of grapefruit, ginger and bergamot. The heart of the fragrance features aquatic notes, rosemary, sage and geranium for a herbal aromatic character. Finally, base notes of ambroxan, amber and labdanum provide a warm, woody and sensually alluring finsh.

With bold top notes that give way to an intriguing heart and seductive base, Jean Lowe Immortal is a fragrance of dualities. It’s fresh yet warm, citrusy yet woody, invigorating yet soothing. Like its name implies, this is a timeless fragrance that evokes strength, passion and charisma.

Jean Lowe Immortal is ideal for modern men who embody both ruggedness and sophistication. Its unique blend of natural essences and synthetics is perfect for casual wear or special occasions. Just a few spritzes of this Eau de Parfum, and you’ll make an unforgettable first impression thanks to its alluring sillage.

Top Notes

The opening of Jean Lowe Immortal Eau de Parfum is a burst of juicy grapefruit, spicy ginger and bright bergamot. This creates an invigorating combination that immediately perks up the senses.

The tart grapefruit adds a surge of citrusy freshness. Its crisp sweetness stimulates and uplifts. Ginger brings a touch of spice and warmth to contrast the grapefruit. It has a peppery bite that really livens things up. Finally, bergamot adds a familiar bright and fresh accent. With its soothing floral undertones, it rounds out the top notes beautifully.

Heart Notes

As the top notes begin to fade, the fragrance transitions into its heart. Here, notes of water, rosemary, sage and geranium mingle in an herbal aromatic union.

Cool watery notes give a refreshing splash to echo the citrus from the top. They keep the fragrance feeling lively at this stage. Rosemary, with its pine-like herbal aroma, adds a brisk woodsy element. The rich herbal quality of sage also contributes an earthy character. Finally, the soft floralcy of geranium balances the herbal notes beautifully.

Base Notes

The base of Jean Lowe Immortal is a sensual combination of ambroxan, amber and labdanum. These rich woody resins impart a warm, soothing and subtly sweet impression.

Ambroxan is a synthetic ingredient that replicates the luxurious essence of ambergris. It has a creamy, ambery character that provides depth and velvety smoothness. Paired with earthy labdanum and classic amber accord, it creates a finishing blend that is intimate and mysteriously alluring.

As the bright top notes and aromatic heart fade, you’re left with this lingering trail of woody ambroxan, amber and labdanum. It’s unforgettable.

How to Apply

To enjoy the enveloping scent experience of Jean Lowe Immortal Eau de Parfum, apply it in key pulse points. Start by spraying your wrists and inner elbows. You can also lightly spray your neck for a subtle sillage.

For more concentrated scent, target your chest or your shirt collar. The warmth of your body heat will help diffuse the fragrance beautifully. Avoid rubbing your wrists together, as this may crush the top notes.

For daytime wear, 2-3 sprays will leave a captivating trail. You can layer it on a bit more generously for nights out. Reapply as needed to refresh the scent throughout your day or evening.

Jean Lowe Immortal Occasions

The intriguing blend of fresh and ambery notes makes Jean Lowe Immortal a versatile signature scent. It works for casual daytime wear as easily as for more sophisticated occasions.

During the day, reach for it to give your usual routine a boost of magnetism. The citrus top notes create an invigorating vibe perfect for running errands or heading into the office. The scent makes a fantastic first impression and leaves a memorable trail.

For date nights, its spicy yet smooth ambery base provides just the right amount of intrigue. It’s perfect for creating chemistry and setting the mood whether you’re headed to dinner, a concert or an evening stroll.

A few sprays of this Eau de Parfum will make you feel confident and charismatic no matter the occasion. It’s a standout that makes an impression wherever you go.

About the Design House Maison Alhambra

Maison Alhambra is a Parisian niche perfumery with a passion for crafting unique, high quality fragrances. They are dedicated to sourcing only the finest essences from around the world to produce captivating signature scents.

The perfumers at Maison Alhambra are true artists who take great pride in their work. Each new fragrance goes through rounds of testing and meticulous tweaking before release. As a result, their scents all have a remarkably well-balanced, luxurious quality to them.

In addition to finding new fragrance combinations, Maison Alhambra places great importance on bottle design. They aim to create perfume bottles that are as striking and memorable as the fragrances within.

Maison Alhambra fragrances are crafted in France using traditional techniques. When you choose one of their perfumes or colognes, you can be sure you’re getting a high quality, artfully designed scent.

Discover Your Signature Scent with Jean Lowe Immortal

Jean Lowe Immortal Eau de Parfum is a standout fragrance that makes a bold impression. With its unique blend of invigorating citrus, aromatic herbs and warm amber woods, it’s a scent that evokes strength, passion and charisma.

If you’re looking for a new signature fragrance that you can reach for day or night, Jean Lowe Immortal is one to experience. Let its alluring sillage draw others in and make you feel confident wherever you go.


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