MAISON ALHAMBRA Libbra EDP Perfume – A Sophisticated Blend of Lavender, Vanilla and Musk for Women



Transport your senses to old world elegance with the MAISON ALHAMBRA Libbra EDP Perfume. This exquisite fragrance masterfully blends lavender, vanilla and musk to evoke feelings of sophistication and intrigue.

Top Notes of Neroli and Tangerine Provide an Invigorating Start

The top notes feature neroli and tangerine essential oils. Neroli oil is extracted from orange blossoms and has a sweet, honeyed scent with hints of citrus. Tangerine adds a burst of tangy, zesty freshness. Together these top notes create an effervescent opening that immediately brightens your mood.

Lavender and Jasmine Form the Fragrance’s Floral Heart

As the top notes fade, the fragrance transitions to its floral heart. Here, lavender essential oil takes center stage with its clean, herbaceous aroma. Hints of fruitiness from black currant complement the lavender nicely. Jasmine joins in, adding its characteristic sweet, romantic scent. The lavender and jasmine mingle beautifully to produce a sophisticated floral bouquet.

A Warm, Inviting Base of Vanilla, Amber and Cedar

Finally, the base notes create a seductive finish. Smooth vanilla Absolute infuses the scent with warmth and sensuality. Subtle hints of amber provide a touch of depth and mystery. Cedarwood essential oil gives an earthy, woody nuance. Together these base notes beckon you into an intimate embrace.

Explore 3 Unique Blends in 1 Elegant Perfume

The MAISON ALHAMBRA Libbra EDP Perfume actually contains 3 exquisite fragrances in one bottle:

Musk Vanille – This gourmand scent blends powdery musk with sweet vanilla, creamy caramel and spiced cardamom. It’s comfort in a bottle.

Libbra – As described above, a sophisticated composition featuring lavender, jasmine, vanilla and warm amber accords.

La Vita Bella – An alluring floral gourmand combining iris, patchouli, orange blossom, jasmine, spun sugar and vanilla.

With 3 different fragrances to choose from, you can tailor your scent to match your mood and the occasion.

Long Lasting and Well Rounded

This perfume was carefully crafted in France using quality ingredients and time-honored techniques. The result is a fragrance with excellent longevity. A single spray will last for hours.

It also develops beautifully on your skin. Each accord seamlessly transitions into the next, revealing new facets of the fragrance over time. You’ll enjoy a multi-dimensional scent journey from first spray to last.

Ideal for Daily Wear or Special Occasions

The blend of lavender, vanilla and musk makes this perfume extremely versatile. It’s perfect for daily wear in the office or while running errands about town. Just a spray or two and you’ll feel put together.

Yet it also has a touch of elegance that makes it ideal for more formal occasions – date nights, cocktail parties, and so on. Like your favorite little black dress, it effortlessly transitions from day to evening.

Beautiful, Heavy Crystal Bottle Looks Lovely on Display

This perfume comes in a gorgeous 100ml bottle. The thick, heavy crystal has an elegant, vintage feel. The angular facets cause the light to dance off it beautifully. It looks just as lovely on your vanity as the fragrance smells on your skin.

Truly, every aspect of this scent makes it feel special. The quality, complexity and craftsmanship are obvious from the very first spray.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind this perfume 100%. If you aren’t completely enchanted with it for any reason, simply return it for a full refund.

However, we believe most customers treasure this fragrance and keep it stocked in their collection for years. It’s just that captivating!

To wrap yourself in old world elegance, order the MAISON ALHAMBRA Libbra EDP Perfume today.


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