Maison Louis Marie No.04 Bois de Balincourt Woody Earthy Perfume Oil Rollerball – 0.1 oz



Transport Yourself to an Enchanted Forest with Maison Louis Marie No.04 Bois de Balincourt Perfume Oil Rollerball. This earthy, woody scent envelops you in memories of mystical adventures through the woods.

An Olfactory Journey Down Lover’s Lane

The story begins at Balincourt, the Louis Marie family’s ancestral home surrounded by an ancient, mysterious forest. Meandering forest trails lead to a magical place called Lover’s Lane, where this romantic perfume was born.

Stroll down the lane on a perfect spring day. Sunlight filters through the canopy overhead, dappling the path with shifting shadows. The damp, woody aroma of cedar and sandalwood rises up to meet you. A warm breeze rustles the leaves, carrying a hint of cinnamon and other earthy spices.

With each step, you sink deeper into the forest’s embrace. The rest of the world falls away until it’s just you and the trees. This is the Balincourt of your memories, the setting for every childhood fantasy and first love.

An Alluring Blend of Earthy Woody Scents

Bois de Balincourt envelops you in an irresistible scent experience. It opens with a dominant cedarwood and sandalwood accord that evokes the forest trail. Hints of nutmeg and cinnamon add a subtle spicy vibrancy. Vetiver’s grassy, green aroma keeps it close to nature. The composition finishes with soothing amber wood.

This Eau de Parfum celebrates the beauty of the woods with its rich, earthy character. The natural fragrance feels warm and familiar, like a beloved flannel shirt. It conjures up adventures in lush forests and stolen moments along secluded paths.

How to Apply this Soothing Perfume

Experience this sensory escape anytime with the ease of a rollerball. Apply lightly to pulse points like the wrist and neck for an alluring floral aroma that lasts all day. The smooth glass roller ball glides over skin, releasing the perfect amount of fragrance with each pass.

The perfume absorbs quickly without leaving residue or oiliness. The soothing woodsy scent creates an enveloping personal fragrance aura that surrounds you. With its warm, comforting character, Bois de Balincourt becomes a beloved companion on life’s journey.

An Eco-Conscious Perfume House

Maison Louis Marie sources natural ingredients ethically and sustainably. They formulate without parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes, or other harsh chemicals. Products are vegan and cruelty-free. The perfume house crafts each formula mindfully in Southern California.

With Bois de Balincourt No. 04 Perfume Oil, you can indulge in natural luxury without compromising your values. Every detail from fragrance to packaging reflects an eco-conscious approach. The box comes from sustainably managed forests. The glass rollerball is elegantly reusable and recyclable.

Discover the Maison Louis Marie Fragrance Collection

The Maison Louis Marie line takes you on olfactory voyages inspired by founder Jean-Claude Delville’s world travels. There are currently 16 Eau de Parfum fragrances to explore:

The Fresh + Floral:

No.01 L’Orangerie – Lush orange flower
No.02 Rose de Grasse – Pure rose with green foliage
No.03 Jardin d’Amalfi – Citrus orchard and Mediterranean herbs
Oriental Spicy:

No.05 Le Long Fond – Unisex red and black pepper
No.06 Trianon – Tea rose meets ginger lily
Warm + Woodsy:

No.04 Bois de Balincourt – Sandalwood forest walk
No.07 Neon Rosewood – Sultry rosewood and oudh
No.08 Amber Rose – Rose damascena with ambergris
Citrus Fresh:

No.09 Pomelo Paradis – Pink pomelo grapefruit
No.10 Cedre Sambac – Night blooming jasmine and cedarwood
No.11 Santal Vanille – Sensual sandalwood vanilla

No.12 Coconut Palm – Creamy coconut and vanilla
No.13 Cherry Blossom – Fruity cherry blossom and honey
No.14 Figue Blanche – Luscious fig leaves

No.15 Musc T – Modern chypre with musk
No.16 Le Portrait – Rose iris and patchouli
With Maison Louis Marie’s artistry, you don’t just wear fragrance, you experience it. Let No.04 Bois de Balincourt transport you through the forest amid cedarwood, sandalwood, and earthy spice. It’s a beautiful aromatic escape.


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