Make Installing Your Lace Front Wig A Breeze with The Original Lace Wig Grip By Milano Collection



Styling your lace front wig just got a whole lot easier thanks to the Original Lace Wig Grip band from Milano Collection. This clever little headband is designed to keep your lace wig securely in place without the need for messy glue or tape. Made with high quality reinforced Swiss lace, the Lace Wig Grip creates an invisible barrier between your natural hairline and wig that prevents rubbing, slippage, and tension headaches.

The seamless wig grip band is easy to use – simply slide it over your head until the reinforced lace wig grip rests gently on your hairline. The transparent lace blends right into your skin while keeping your wig firmly secured, allowing you to achieve a flawless hairline and natural looking install. No more need to fuss with wig clips, combs, or scarves to hide the edges!

Superior Quality Materials For Unmatched Comfort

What sets the Milano Collection Lace Wig Grip apart is the unbeatable quality and carefully chosen materials. The wig band features a wide, stretchy velvet outer band that gently hugs the head without pinching or irritation. This creates a soft cushion between your skin and the wig that prevents rubbing while keeping your wig in place.

The transparent Swiss lace section at the front is made from incredibly strong, reinforced lace designed to prevent tears or damage even after repeated use. The lace is ventilated for maximum breathability so you stay cool and comfortable all day long. No more sweaty, slippery wig mishaps!

Fits All Wig Types and Hair Textures

Since the Lace Wig Grip is adjustable and stretchy, it’s able to conform to a wide range of head sizes and shapes. Whether you prefer full lace wigs, lace frontals, 360 wigs, or just need a little extra security with a half wig, the Wig Grip keeps them all securely fastened.

It works equally well for straight, wavy, curly, and kinky textures so you don’t have to compromise on hair versatility. Even high density, thick wigs stay put thanks to the strong grip of the reinforced lace edge. For best results, make sure to position the lace edge right at your natural hairline.

Matches All Skin Tones

The Lace Wig Grip band comes in a universal nude shade that effortlessly blends with skin tones from fair to deep. The lace edge is designed to mimic the look of scalp so it seamlessly melts into your hairline without being visible. No need for spray tints or powders to camouflage the wig grip!

The velvet outer band also prevents rubbing and protects your natural hair edges. This helps prevent hair breakage and damage that can occur from friction between skin and the wig.

Cure Wig Headaches For Good

One of the biggest complaints of wearing wigs all day is the tension it creates on your scalp and hair follicles. The weight of the wig pulling down plus rubbing against your skin is a recipe for irritation, sores, and headaches.

The Milano Collection Lace Wig Grip eliminates this pain by forming a protective barrier between your scalp and the wig interior. This prevents any pinching or strain while keeping the weight of the wig evenly distributed. Say goodbye to throbbing temples and tender spots!

Perks Of The Lace Wig Grip:

Creates an invisible seam between scalp and wig
Reinforced lace edge prevents tearing & damage
Velvet outer band stops slippage & rubbing
Alleviates wig tension headaches
Comfortable, breathable open lace design
Stretchy to fit all head sizes and shapes
Works for all lace wig types and textures
Easy to put on and remove
Instantly creates a flawless natural hairline
Stays in place through daily activity
Take Your Lace Wig Game To The Next Level

Take the frustration out of getting your lace front wig to look just right with this ingenious little headband. The Milano Collection Lace Wig Grip lets you install and style your wig with ease for natural looking results every time. No more dealing with tape, adhesive, clips or tying down your edges with scarves!

Experience next level wig security and comfort with the original Lace Wig Grip. Upgrade your wig game and seamlessly blend your hairline for that fresh from the salon look in minutes.


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