Mehayi’s Strong Metal Hair Claw Clips – The Professional Stylist’s Secret for Holding Long, Thick and Heavy Hair With Ease



Tired of flimsy hair clips that can’t contain your luscious locks? Are you constantly battling with bobby pins that just won’t stay in place or leave dents in your carefully styled hair? Have no fear – Mehayi’s extra strong and sturdy metal hair claw clips are here to save the day!

These industrial-strength hair clips are specially designed to hold long, thick and heavy hair securely in place without any slipping or sliding. The heavy duty metal construction provides a powerful grip that most standard hair clips simply can’t match. These pro-quality clips are perfect for creating updos, buns, ponytails, and any other hairstyle you can dream up that requires serious holding power.

What Makes Mehayi Hair Claw Clips Stand Out:

Super Strong Alloy Construction – Made using high quality metal alloy that provides exceptional strength and durability. The strong jaw design has an impressive clamping force that won’t loosen its grip, even on the thickest hair.

Non-Slip Grips – The textured claw design and rubber coated tips grip hair firmly without pulling, pinching or denting the hair shaft. Your updo will stay perfectly in place from morning until night.

Smooth Surface – The polished finish ensures the clips glide smoothly when opening and closing. No more frustrating catches or tangles.

Comfortable Plastic Handles – The coverings on the handles prevent metal-on-metal contact for more comfortable wear.

3 Convenient Sizes – With small, medium and large clip options you’ll find a size that works perfectly for your hair length and thickness.

Long Lasting Quality – Built from quality materials, these professional-grade clips will maintain their strength and holding power for years of continuous use.

How To Use Mehayi’s Hair Claw Clips:

Section and smooth hair – Separate hair into sections before smoothing with a brush. This helps the clips grip better.

Open clips fully – Always open the clips all the way before use. This allows them to achieve maximum holding strength.

Position near roots – For the strongest hold, position clips close to the roots, distributing weight evenly.

Check for slippage – Ensure the clipped sections feel secure. Readjust if any slipping occurs.

Avoid overloading – Use multiple clips for very thick or heavy hair sections to avoid breakage.

Remove gently – Open clips slowly and gently to avoid damaging hair when removing.

Who Can Benefit From Mehayi Hair Claw Clips?

Women with long hair – Longer hair tends to be heavier and harder to control. These clips prevent styles from drooping.

Ladies with thick hair – Thick hair needs serious holding power to stay styled properly, which these clips provide.

People with heavy hair – Those with coarse or very dense hair require stronger clips that won’t let hair escape.

Individuals who do frequent updos – If you regularly wear your hair up, these clips will make quick work of elaborate styles.

Girls with straight hair – Straight, silky hair often slides right out of standard clips. Mehayi clips grip smooth hair securely.

Women with curly hair – Unruly curls and waves stay under control when firmly fixed with these strong clips.

Ladies who exercise – These non-slip clips keep hair contained during workouts and other active pursuits.

Professionals and performers – Dancers, actors, and entertainers who need strength and staying power from their hair clips.

Where To Use Your Mehayi Hair Claw Clips:

At home styling – Quickly create chic buns, French twists, top knots and braided updos for casual days.

Office hairdos – Neatly pull hair back for professional looks to wear at the office or classroom.

Formal occasions – Elegant updos stay perfectly styled for weddings, proms, parties and events.

Gym hairstyles – Pull hair securely off your neck and face during vigorous workouts and exercise classes.

Day to night – Transition sleek daytime hair into chic evening styles without a trip to the salon.

On vacation – Explore tropical destinations or lounge poolside without worrying about messy, windblown hair.

Everyday convenience – Get ready in a hurry by clipping long locks back as you apply makeup, get dressed, cook meals and more.

Salon styles at home – Recreate your favorite salon updos and intricate styles with total holding security.

Ultimate Hair Accessory For Any Occasion:

Slip a Mehayi hair clip or two into your purse or gym bag and you’ll always be prepared to neatly pull hair back as needed. The stylish polished metal design complements both casual everyday wear and special occasion glam.

Forget flimsy plastic clips – these metal jaw clips are made for serious holding power. If your long, thick or heavy hair has met its match with standard clips, it’s time to try Mehayi’s professional-quality hair claw clips. Your locks will never slip out of place again!


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