Pink Perfection Made Easy: The Londontown Kur Pink Conceal & Go Duo Set



Have you ever wished you could achieve a flawless, natural pink manicure in just minutes? With the Londontown Kur Pink Conceal & Go Duo Set, you can! This dream duo gives you everything you need for a salon-perfect pink manicure in two steps.

First, the award-winning Kur Pink Illuminating Nail Concealer instantly brightens and evens out the look of your natural nails. The soft pink shade is infused with optical brighteners that neutralize yellow tones and conceal any discoloration or stains for a clean, healthy pink canvas. One coat gives a sheer wash of color, while two coats provide more opaque, natural pink coverage. The concealer dries quickly and prep your nails for the next step.

Next, lock in the concealer and give your manicure lasting shine with the Kur Gel Genius Top Coat. This top coat delivers a glossy, gel-like finish that extends the wear of any lacquer for up to two weeks without chipping, peeling or fading. The quick-dry formula helps prevent smudging as it creates a protective barrier over nail color. The top coat also works to hydrate and strengthen nails over time, so they become healthier with each use. No UV light or soaking off required!

With the Pink Conceal & Go Duo Set, you can achieve a fresh, flawless light pink manicure in minutes. Here’s how to get the most out of this nail-perfecting pair:

Step 1:
Apply 1-2 coats of the Kur Pink Illuminating Nail Concealer, allowing each layer to dry completely before adding the next. One coat gives a soft, sheer wash of color that brightens and evens out the nail. Two coats provide more opaque, natural pink coverage for nails that need extra concealing power.

Step 2:
Finish with a thin, even layer of the Kur Gel Genius Top Coat over the concealer. The top coat smooths and seals, while delivering a glossy wet look and long-lasting wear.

In just two simple steps, you can achieve a natural pink manicure that looks freshly polished for up to two weeks! The Pink Concealer & Gel Genius Top Coat work together to transform your nails:

  • Conceals imperfections and stains for naturally perfect looking nails
  • Neutralizes yellow tones and provides sheer to opaque pink coverage
  • Delivers a chip-resistant, high-gloss manicure that lasts for 14 days
  • Strengthens nails and provides hydration with each use
  • Dries quickly to minimize smudges and prints
  • No UV light required! Simple two-step application

Give your nails a flawless refresh in minutes with this pink perfecting duo. Ditch the lengthy salon visit and give yourself a gorgeous, healthy-looking manicure anytime. The Kur Pink Conceal & Go Set is perfect for:

  • A quick manicure touch-up when you don’t have time for a full polish change
  • Concealing yellow nails or stained nails from dark polishes
  • Prepping nails for the perfect application of any light pink lacquer
  • Achieving a natural, clean French manicure look without hassle
  • Extending the wear and shine of gel manicures or dip powders

Pamper your nails and cut down on salon time with this nail-perfecting pair from Londontown. The award-winning lacquer brand is known for high-quality formulas that deliver salon worthy results at home.

The Kur Gel Genius Top Coat has racked up over 50 beauty awards alone for its ability to deliver brilliant shine and extended wear. It goes on glossy wet and sets to an incredibly durable, gel-like finish that resists chips and smudges. Reviewers love how it helps their manicures last over a week without cracks, peels or dulling. The Pink Nail Concealer is a newer launch but has quickly become a Londontown bestseller and essential for creating a clean, flawless pink nail bed.

With this convenient set, you get Londontown’s two nail strengthening superstars in one. Treat your nails to some TLC while concealing flaws and imperfections for natural pink perfection. Enjoy salon quality results without the dry time or expense. Your perfect pink mani is just two steps away with the Kur Pink Conceal & Go Duo Set!


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