Satin-Lined Sleep Bonnet Preserves Moisture for Healthy Hair



Protect your hair while you sleep with this satin-lined bonnet from Kitsch. The soft, silky interior provides a friction-free barrier that locks in moisture and prevents breakage and bedhead. Fits comfortably all night long to keep hair healthy, hydrated, and frizz-free.

Preserves Your Hair’s Natural Moisture

The smooth, silky satin interior gently envelops strands to retain moisture, natural oils, and hydration as you sleep. This prevents dryness that leads to damage and breakage over time.

Wake up with soft, supple hair that maintains its natural moisture instead of being stripped away on cotton cases and pillows.

Reduces Friction and Breakage

The satin fabric lines the cap with a luxuriously soft, friction-free surface. This allows strands to smoothly glide over the fabric when tossing and turning at night.

Your hair isn’t subjected to rough friction that can cause strands to snag, tangle, and break while you sleep. The silky barrier keeps hair protected.

Ideal for All Hair Types

This satin sleep cap is gentle and effective at preserving moisture for all hair types including:

It also helps those experiencing hair thinning and loss keep the hair they still have healthy.

Stretchy Comfortable Fit

The cap is made from flexible jersey fabric that comfortably stretches to fit most head sizes and volumes of hair. Get a secure yet gentle fit all night long.

The stretchy fabric moves with you as you change positions so the cap stays put without slipping or feeling tight and restrictive.

Stylish Indoor and Outdoor Wear

This satin bonnet features a chic design that looks great whether worn outside or in the bedroom. The soft fabric and neutral colors coordinate with pajamas, robes, or daytime outfits.

It provides lightweight breathability that keeps your head comfy in any setting. Available in black, pink, and grey colors.

Wake Up Frizz-Free

Say goodbye to frizzy morning hair! The satin caps prevent strands from getting roughed up on pillows and allows you to wake up with smooth, shiny hair.

Silk fibers don’t absorb moisture like cotton so you maintain soft, healthy hair overnight. No more battling frizz every morning!

Protect your hair’s natural moisture and reduce breakage overnight with this comfortable satin-lined bonnet from Kitsch.


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