SJP Lovely Eau de Parfum Spray for Women, 1.7 oz



Experience the exquisite sweetness and feminine sophistication of SJP Lovely, a captivating fragrance created by acclaimed actress and style icon Sarah Jessica Parker. This enticing scent opens with sparkling notes of crisp Mandarin, lush Water Hyacinth and dewy Apple Martini. At the heart lie seductive layers of White Daffodil, refined Paper Whites and sensual Orchid. The drydown unfolds with creamy Woods, luxurious Musk and Velvety Marshmallow for a trail as unforgettable as Parker herself.

Housed in a stunning ribbed glass bottle with a playful grosgrain ribbon, SJP Lovely makes a glamorous addition to any vanity. The chic pink juice and feminine shape evoke Parker’s whimsical yet sophisticated personal style. Spray on this eau de parfum for a bright, flirty scent that lingers on the skin. With excellent longevity and sillage, it will leave you feeling lovely all day long.

Top Notes

The top notes burst open with an effervescent splash of Mandarin, transporting the senses with its tart, tangy zing. Juicy green Apple Martini and aquatic Water Hyacinth lend a crisp, dewy freshness, imbuing this fragrance with brightness and verve.

Middle Notes

Lovely’s heart blossoms with an opulent floral bouquet of sweet Paper Whites, heady White Daffodil and rich purple Orchid. Their lush, creamy petals intertwine in an exquisitely romantic accord, feminine and intoxicating. The orchid in particular adds an exotic, mysterious nuance.

Base Notes

Nestled close to the skin, Lovely dries down to a sophisticated blend of sensual woods, creamy Musk and sugary Marshmallow. The woods contribute an elegant swoon of patchouli and cedar, while the musk supplies soft warmth and sensuality. Finally, the marshmallow imparts a whisper of sweetness, like the scent of lip gloss lingering on the lips.

Perfume Highlights

Captivating, long-lasting eau de parfum spray
Created by Sarah Jessica Parker
Notes of mandarin, apple, hyacinth, daffodil, orchid, woods, musk and marshmallow
Chic pink juice in a ribbed glass bottle with grosgrain ribbon
1.7 fl oz bottle
Sophisticated, feminine, sweet scent
Allure of crisp fruits, lush florals and creamy woods
Sarah Jessica Parker poured her passionate spirit for fashion and fragrance into this signature scent. As an award-winning actress celebrated for her roles in “Sex and the City” and films like “Hocus Pocus”, Parker embodies both couture style and girl-next-door relatability.

She named the fragrance Lovely to reflect the warmth, joy and connection we can find in our daily lives. Spritz it on to feel lovely from morning to night. The fruity top notes and floral heart create an instantly lovable aura, while the musky woodsy base lingers close to your skin.

SJP Lovely works beautifully as a daytime scent, thanks to its freshness and verve. The fruits and flowers announce your presence with charm and vibrancy. Yet the creamy drydown also makes this fragrance sophisticated enough for evenings out. It adapts beautifully to any occasion or mood.

Wear Lovely to feel irresistibly pretty and feminine. The graceful silage will leave a memorable impression wherever you go. Friends and strangers alike will be drawn into your orbit, captivated by this sweet seductive perfume.

Perfect for:

Workdays when you want to feel confident and put-together
First dates when you want to make a romantic impression
Parties and nights out when you want to turn heads
Hot summer days when you need a lightweight, refreshing scent
Cooler months when you crave a comforting, creamy fragrance
Lovely by SJP is a whimsical, feminine crowd-pleaser. Both vintage and fashion-forward, it perfectly epitomizes Sarah Jessica Parker’s classic but current style aesthetic. The gorgeous bottle looks stunning on your vanity table and will earn you compliments galore.


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