Stylish, Non-Slip Shower Cap Keeps All Hair Dry



Protect your hair in the shower while looking chic with this luxurious cap from Kitsch. The reusable polyester cap keeps every strand dry thanks to its waterproof design and non-slip silicone grip. Fits most head sizes and hair types for a comfortable, secure shower experience.

Stay Dry While You Shower

This shower cap creates a barrier between your hair and water to keep it completely dry. No more dealing with wet strands or having to restyle after showering. The waterproof polyester and silicone grip seal out moisture.

Shower freely without worrying about your blowout, curls, or color-treated locks getting drenched mid-shampoo cycle. Your hair stays dry, fresh, and styled.

Non-Slip Silicone Strip

A silicone strip lines the inside of the cap to prevent slipping. No more having your shower cap slide around or fall off as you move!

The non-slip grip keeps the cap securely in place from start to finish so you can shave, wash, and relax while keeping every strand protected.

Fits Most Head Sizes

This shower cap stretches to accommodate most heads with ease. The flexible polyester and roomy design provide a comfortable fit whether you have long, thick hair or a short pixie cut.

Adjust and position the cap as needed so it sits securely over your head without sliding around. The silicone grip helps it stay put.

Cute Stylish Designs

Who says function can’t also be fashionable? This shower cap is available in fun leopard, stripe, floral and dot prints. Coordinate with your bathrobe or look stylish at the gym.

The polyester cap is reusable so you can enjoy its cute design for many showers and washes to come. Keep your hair dry in style.

Ideal for All Hair Types

Curly, straight, long, short – this shower cap works wonders for every hair type and texture. No more worrying about frizz or ruined blowouts thanks to its protective waterproof barrier.

It accommodates all volumes and lengths of hair evenly and comfortably. Your hair stays safe from water damage and drying effects.

Reusable Polyester Material

Made from durable polyester, this shower cap is built to last through many uses. It retains its waterproofing and shape wash after wash.

Let it air dry fully between showers to maximize its lifespan. Avoid harsh detergents when washing.

Protect your hair without damaging the environment. This reusable cap reduces plastic waste compared to disposable ones.

Keep every strand dry and frizz-free during showers with this stylish non-slip shower cap from Kitsch. The perfect hair saver and accessory.


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