Transform Your Skin, Sculpt Your Face, Feel Rejuvenated with Our Premium Face Sculpting Set



Treat yourself to a relaxing at-home facial with our premium stainless steel gua sha and face roller set. This innovative duo combines traditional Chinese medicine with modern skin care techniques to enhance your natural beauty. Massage away stress, boost radiance, and achieve a sculpted, youthful look with these easy-to-use tools. Keep reading to discover how our facial set can transform your self-care routine!

What’s Included:

Pure Stainless Steel Gua Sha Scraper
Cooling Stainless Steel Face Roller with Rose Quartz Massage Balls
Premium Gift Box
The Perfect At-Home Facial Set for Radiant, Sculpted Skin

Our gua sha and facial roller set has everything you need to recreate the luxury of a spa facial in the comfort of your home. The two tools work in harmony to boost circulation, relax facial muscles, sculpt contours, drain lymphatic fluids, and leave skin looking luminous. Consistent use helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and puffiness. Our set provides a comprehensive facial workout using traditional Chinese medicine and modern skin care techniques. Give yourself the gift of self-care and enjoy visibly improved skin!

Traditional Stainless Steel Gua Sha for Lymphatic Drainage

One end of our gua sha is a traditional scraper made of premium stainless steel. Its smooth rounded edge expertly mimics the motion of massage therapists to promote lymphatic drainage. Glide the gua sha over the skin’s surface to gently sweep away toxins and metabolic waste. This improves circulation and reduces puffiness for a slim, sculpted look. Use your gua sha tool to contour the face, relax muscles, and boost collagen production. Its slim teardrop shape allows for precision massage in hard-to-reach areas. Handcrafted stainless steel offers the perfect weight and smoothness for facial massage.

Cooling Facial Roller Massages with Rose Quartz Stones

The other end of our facial set features a cooling facial massager with rose quartz massage balls. Enjoy a soothing facial massage as the roller glides over skin. Our premium ABS plastic roller stays cooler than room temperature. This constricts pores, increases circulation, and reduces puffiness. The rose quartz massage balls deliver a gentle kneading effect to help product penetrate deeper. Use after refrigerating the tool for an even cooler massage. The dual roller balls target acupressure points to relax muscles. Enjoy a calming, restorative facial massage every day.

Facial Massage for Glowing, Contoured Skin

Consistent use of our gua sha and roller set leaves you with glowing, contoured skin. Here’s how to use the tools together:

Start by cleansing skin and applying your favorite serum or oil. Glide the gua sha across the skin, applying light pressure outward and upward. Focus on areas prone to puffiness like cheeks, jawline and neck. Follow with gentle sweeping motions over the forehead. Next, use the dual roller balls to massage from the chin to the ears and under eyes. Lightly roll over the entire face until skin looks rosy. Finish by draining the lymphatic system from chin to chest. Skin will have a healthy glow and sculpted appearance after each facial massage session.

For optimal results, use daily as part of your skin care routine. Keep tools in the refrigerator before use for an extra cooling effect. Consistent facial massage improves muscle tone, boosts collagen, increases blood flow, and sculpts a youthful v-shaped face.

Premium Facial Tools Built to Last

Our gua sha and roller set is meticulously crafted with quality materials for a refined look and feel. The stainless steelScraper glides smoothly over skin and maintains its shape. Our ABS plastic handle ensures a secure grip and stays cool during facial massage. Each durable rose quartz massage ball retains its shape after repeated use. Housed within a luxury gift box, our facial set makes a thoughtful gift.

Give the Gift of Self-Care and Relaxation

Surprise someone special with the gift of at-home luxury facial care. Our gua sha and roller set encourages self-care moments and relaxation amidst busy schedules. Keep skin looking radiant and youthful with tools that deliver visible results over time. With its beautiful packaging, our facial set makes a thoughtful gift for:

Mother’s Day
Valentine’s Day
Retirement Parties
Bridesmaids/Bridal Parties
Spoil yourself or someone you love with the gift of youthful, glowing skin. Our premium gua sha and roller set promotes daily self-care while transforming your facial massage routine. Experience the relaxing, rejuvenating benefits of a spa-quality facial anytime.


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